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Do it yourself intercooler
(This is the alternative to buying a Paxton Air to Air or Vortec's aftercooler at a 1/3 of the cost. )

Step 1: Parts List
Step 2: Tool List
Step 3: Step 3 Installation

Tool List

1. Socket set

2. razor knife

3. hacksaw

4. Dremel tool cutting blades

5. All sizes of channel locks or vise grips. (for compressing t clamps and starting bolt)

6. Vynl / rubber hammer(recommended)

7. Round and flat File (recomended to remove burs after cutting pipe)

8. Table vice ( recomended for keeping pipe secure during cuts)protect pipe if polished.

9. Cordless or corded drill and drill bits (for mounting intercooler)

10. Welder (To make lip on pipe ends on high boost applications.)*Recomended

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