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How to Install CDC Sequential Taillights
(The product and installation applies to any 2005+ Mustang. Its easy, requires minimal time, tools, and money for parts. You can purchase the sequential taillights from www.classicdesignconcepts.com for $150. They are my favorite minor exterior modification for the new mustangs. TOOLS NEEDED: 1. 11mm wrench OR 1/4" drive 11mm deep well socket and ratchet 2. T-30 Torx Bit with Driver TIME REQUIRED: 40-60mins)

Step 1: Intro and Open Trunk
Step 2: Taking out the trunk trim
Step 3: Taking out the trunk trim
Step 4: Unbolt taillight housings
Step 5: Unplug stock harnesses
Step 6: Remove Taillight housings
Step 7: Make hole in grommet
Step 8: Sequential wire in hole
Step 9: Slice blue grommet
Step 10: Insert wire into terminal
Step 11: Reinsert bulb
Step 12: Tape sequential wire
Step 13: Plug in new harnesses
Step 14: Reinstall taillights
Step 15: Plug inside of trunk
Step 16: Test the signals
Step 17: Tighten all nuts
Step 18: Reinsert trim piece
Step 19: Double check trunk

Reinsert trim piece

Put the trunk trim piece back in and secure with the Four Center Lock Retainers and two Torx head Screws. (I found this to be the hardest part).
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