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Do it your self Oil Seperator
(This is for any car that vents from valve covers into intake manifold or power pipe. In a supercharged application it is common for oil to make its way to the maf or in the intake causing a loss in performance and detonation along with premature spark plug ware. )

Step 1: Parts needed
Step 2: Install of Parts

Parts needed

(2) Mini general purpose filters

(10 feet) 1/2" heater hose 5/8" outside diameter

(4) 1/4" NPT to 1/2" barb connections(may have to combine fittings to get above connection.)

Tap tool (helpful) if using L bracket

10/24 screws ( If tap is being used)

if no tap is being used self tap screws will be needed.

All parts can be purchased at most Home Improvement Stores that sell tools etc. Such as Home Depot, Lowes. Filters can be found where Air compressor parts are located. Fittings and hoses will be found in plumbing.
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