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The Build That Wouldn't Die!!!

updated: Jun 25th 2006 @ 03:05 PM
11 months later my car is still in pieces.  I figure I'll get it back just in time to store it for the winter or when I RETIRE.  I'm a bitter man!  Mods that will be done sometime in my life:
  •  '03 cobra motor stroked to 4.9 litres.
  • Forged internals with rotating assembly balanced.
  • Cobra heads.
  • Twin 57mm turbos with intercooler and external waste gates.
  • 82 lb injectors and twin in-tank fuel pumps.
  • T56 Viper 6-speed transmission.
  • Stage II clutch.
  • 31-spline axels.
  • Eaton locker.
  • Baer brakes.
  • Tubular K-member with coilover conversion.
  • Upgraded sway bars, upper and lower control arms.
  • Subframe connectors.
  • Cowl hood.
  • AEM engine management system.
  • 6-point roll cage.
  • 5-point harnasses.
  • APC front seats.
  • Rear seat delete.
I'll post what pictures I have.  I'm constantly promised more in-progress pictures but, for some reason, they never seem to show up.  When it's finally done I'll fly to Michigan, pick it up and drive it back to Colorado.  If it doesn't blow up I'll post pictures on a new page.  If it does blow up, please send flowers to my family.



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