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And here I am...LOL

updated: Oct 1st 2005 @ 07:33 PM
Here is the "thug shot"..LOL

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And this is me and my son Brad

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Taken at Mustangs Unlimited April 2004. This is me and Lisa (founder of the Black Mustang Club).She is such a sweetie and great friend!!!

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My best bud Tom & Me at HOOTERS

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A family pic..step-daughter Brandi, Wife Kelly, step daughter Michelle, Me , and my som Bradley

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Just a cool shot.

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Jul 20th, 2009 @ 8:27 AM

Replying to:

Hey folks, I was wondering if someone out there with an 88-93 Fox convertible could do me a favor.  I am looking for a picture of the of the ‘A’ pillar post window weather strip showing the weather strip and inside trim molding (the molding on the inside of the pillar post) and another detail picture of where the pillar post molding meets the door seal molding.  I am redoing this and need an example – my car was repaired long before I purchased it and they kind of did a ‘custom’ job on this area.  I want it to be right this time.















Well I dont have a vert Tim, but I think I know what your talking about. If noone can help you out that has one, let me know. I think I know where I can go to get a pic for you.

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