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Just more of my babies

updated: Jun 27th 2005 @ 03:10 PM
I had to take pictures of my pet with my car for the hunt and let me tell you I kinda cringed. I have a Pembroke Welsch Corgi and the are very excited dogs. She has always gone everywhere with Mommie up until I got my Stang. When I let her in the car I put little socks on her feet because I did not want the nice white leather seats scratched up. She did good, isn't she cute?

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My hubby likes to take care of my car. We own a detail shop and you would think that my car would be spotless all the time...right? Nope I have to beg to get mine done. But thats okay, he says that I am real sick when it comes to that car and that I need some serious help! Don't think so!

Here he is taking care of it for me. Ain't he sweet.

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While getting pictures for the "Hunt", I have had to put aside my doubts and ask people for things that seem really strange. I don't like messing or even looking at cops. I have gotten tickets from these people before and its not fun. So I asked for a picture of nose to nose and told the cop that I would just run off when I got done and not bother anyone. He said don't run off or they will think you have done something! enough said, thats why I don't get nose to nose with them ever!!!


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