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FFTB! smile

updated: Jun 3rd 2013 @ 07:05 PM

New Project....FFTB!


Stands for:
F**Ken Fordged That B**ch..

Thats right..I have lived on the edge of a bomb for a year and could not kill it.http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a262/MH420/Building%20The%20Car/Built_Bottom3.jpg
[ remotely linked image: click here ]

So Now I am going to start building from here.
Fully built and fordged motor. Bottom end is good for 1100 HP.
[ remotely linked image: click here ]

[ remotely linked image: click here ]

Here are a few more pics. I could not pass on this block. Due to some Assclown kid and his 9sec. car.

Lets say the car was not his and he boulght all the stuff to do it. Just forgot to ask mommy(Owner of the car) if it was ok he put a 20Lbs PSI Procharger on the stock motor. It did not just go Boom...IT FREAKING WENT KABOOOM!!!

[ remotely linked image: click here ]

[ remotely linked image: click here ]

Now if I said what I paid for this most would shoot me or them selves for it.
[ remotely linked image: click here ]

There are other parts I picked up as well. I will post those later.

Block Spec's:

MMR 4.6 Race Mod 1100
*Brand New Cast Iron, current production Romeo or Windsor Block
*New 4340 Forged 3.543 Cobra Crankshaft, includes additional heat treat w/micro polished journals at no extra charge

*New 4340 5.933 Manley Pro-series Rods ( These US made rods are shotpeened, magnafluxed and weight matched to bring you the finest I-beam rod available for your 4.6

*New Forged Manley pistons 3.552 Bore size (High or low compression)

*Speed Pro file fit rings (precision file fit to your application, nitrous, blower, turbo or N/A)

*Federal Mogul Competition series heat treated Rod and Main bearings

*ARP main stud kit for maintaining correct cap location under the hardest of loads

*Complete Pro Assembly and Balancing for the smoothest, highest revving shortblock available.

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Your cars a beauty gave ay a dime stop by and check out my 05 when you can

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got ya ranked. stop by and check out my 03 GT when you get a chance

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