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Actually starting on my notch

updated: Feb 8th 2006 @ 07:22 PM
During the time my car has sat, I have had several other Stangs. I bought a 88GT vert, parted it out, 89GT parted it out, and a 93 Calypso LX hatch, which I sold. I've bought, sold, and traded parts. Now I have begun to stock up on the good stuff for my notch finally, after buying a bunches of stuff for it only to sell it later. I have the help I need, and a wife that supports it. I decided to go back to all LX, no GT stuff or other ground effects. First thing was a new decklid, which I just sold to buy a HO Fibertrends fiberglass decklid.

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So here are some pics as I removed the rearend to begin on some new torque boxes. Actually, my friend and I have come up with a custom set up that we will be patenting.

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I'm not the only one wanting to see her going again. My parents bought me jackstands for Christmas, my sister got me a creeper, and my wife pushes me into the garage.LOL We will actually totally removing the boxes and, well, you'll see pics in a couple of weeks. I kept the LX rear bumper cover off the 93 I had, and removed the Xenon side skirts. I am now looking for a nice LX front bumper cover. Here is a list of parts that I have acquired, keep in mind I have sold more than half the stuff I originally bought for it.
Ground Pounder tubular K-member and tubular A-arms
D&D front coil overs
Ground Pounder rear coil overs
Ground Pounder rear lower control arms, adjustable.
UPR chromoly uppers
SVO rear main girlde
Strange 31 spline axles, 5 lug
Strange full spool
MSD Ditigal 6 plus ignition
NX nitrous kit with extra bottle, custum dual bottle brackets
HO Fiber trends glass decklid
Fittipaldi 3" cowl hood
Prime/ Pro-star wheels, swapping to 5 lug so they will be sold
New headlights and taillights
FRPP 4.10 gears
UPR upper torque boxe reinforcements
I know that I am forgetting alot of parts
It's scheduled for a 10 point chromoly cage and thru the floor sub frame connectors.
Future plans:
408W with a Dart block
Wicked little C-4
Edelbrock Victor heads
Carb swap
Lots of nitrous
We are gunning for over 650RWHP on motor alone and going to hit it with 2 stages of nitrous 150 out of the hole and 100 mid track. We want nines





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