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My 1992 notch's ongoing saga

updated: Feb 8th 2006 @ 06:53 PM
After plenty of good times with the car, like donuts with sticky tires and no sub frame connectors, tore the torque boxes up pretty bad. So she started sitting in the summer of 1998, because she was hard to control during shifts and on/off the throttle.

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During that time, I installed Southside uppers, new rear shocks, and a Cobra clutch. Thought maybe the uppers would help, I did not realize at this time the boxes were the cause. She sat this way "above pic"  until the summer of 2004.
The spring of 2004 I bought some Prime/ Pro-star rims, new tires. Because the ones on the 3 spoke rims got burned until the blew out during a party, only street action for a long time. Even after I bought the rims and tires, I didn't do anything with her except park it again. Partially due to me picking up my 95 Cobra, drove and played with that. To this day, that car has not and will not ever do a donut.LOL Here are some pics of her with the new rims.

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Note, checkout the driver side fender, my ex GF kicked it in. What a bitch, especially when she was upset I wasn't home "next door" when she got back from her F-buddy she was seeing behind my back.
  My daughter wants it when she gets older.


 My youngest and I, he's 2 now, and loves cars.
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I forgot that I had added a free air rear bumper cover, threw it away this winter.





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