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67 coupe

updated: Dec 2nd 2008 @ 03:29 AM
this is what the 67 first looked like when i got it  


list of minor things i found wrong in first day
#1. 4 wheel manual drum brakes suck       ** changed to 4 wheel power disk brakes **
#2. there was a bad swaying issue when accelerating or decelerating **after rebuilding the front end i realized it was the rear bushings and springs that  were worn out, rides great now **
i have to give thanks to Shaun from  Street or track for all the help with the perfect suspension setup  http://www.streetortrack.com/
#3. driver side floor pan needed (i could do a fred flinstone! )  done
#4. no fuel gauge and if you filled the tank to full it leaked out the filler neck! done
#5. front pas fender and apron damager in small wreck! done
#6. pass window would not work and 2 inches down 
#7. pass floor board needed minor repair
#8. locked the car in the drive way and then realized the door is keyed differently and i had no key for doors!
#9. both hood and trunk lid have severe rust, needs replaced! ** both fiberglass from eleanor kit **
#10 interior was shot and needs redone  ** needs to be redone still, just cant decide if car is gonna be yellow or dark blue though **
This was while i was rebuilding the front end ( new 620lb coil springs, roller spring perches, upper and lower control arms, ball joints  new 1-1/8 swat bar, all poly bushings, new shocks, and new baer bump steer kit! ) also have power steering but no need for it now car turns great!

once again street or track for the msd parts monte carlo bar and export brace

engine is 351 w  had stock points style distributor no name coil and some oooold wires that still 2 months after i removed them hold their shape now has msd ready to run distributor msd wires and blaster coil, also added strut bar and monte carlo bar .
as you can see front and rear wheels are different, fronts are steel chrome rears are aluminum 

  wheels are  ready to install another great deal from street or track
rears are 17x9.5 wide and fronts are 17x8

these are wheels going on the mustang
other problems i noticed while i had the car,
over heats due to stock 289 radiator and no  fan shroud and no over flow tank new radiator installed
while checking the car i ran into some mr fix it profrssional  body work (card board/ fiberglass resin and bondo! on the driver rear quarter)
will post pic later 
also rust in both front corner of doors,
no heater
no emergency break (cable broken)
turn signal switch broken
battery tray rusted thru!
all glass and seals need replaced!
some pics of the pannels i am going to install

  if you like these panels go to

shaved roof rails

basic mold of center console

my finished console
what my mustang will look like with the body kit and  of course either blue or yellow!
what has been completed as of Dec 1st 2008

4 wheel power disc brakes
hydrolic clutch
new heater unit and plenum
g spec t5 5 speed transmission
baer tracker bump steer kit
620 lb front coil springs
shelby drop
roller spring perches
1 1/8 front sway bar
poly bushings
rear grab a track 5 leaf spring
poly bushings
kyb shocks
new gas tank and sending unit
traction bars
new dash pad 
black carpet
recaro seats
eleanor body kit for coupe
rebuilt the 351 w
6 al box
msd distributor
undercoated  car with ruberized undecoating
sound deadener on floors and rood
new radiator
electric fan
blacked out all chrome and stainless steel
sealed off the vents between hood and windshield
body work being done 
front e kit being  fitted
side scoops and flairs molded on
driver side minor body work  on door and around rear quarter, (sheet metal welded in and cleaned up)
rear bumper welded on and molded in
second shot of rear bumper
the bumper bolts are still attached, i just ground down the heads and welded them flush
we are figuring around 60 hours of body work and prep 

newest addition 

led tails

not my car, but a good example of what i am aiming for

to be continued



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Feb 22nd, 2009 @ 8:06 PM


Hey, saw your link on VMF, glad to see your Stang project here too. Looking Good.

Feb 18th, 2008 @ 6:35 PM


got ya ranked. check out my 67 and return the favor.

Dec 15th, 2007 @ 12:30 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

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