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updated: Nov 18th 2009 @ 01:54 PM
custom paint and engine swap by 
Larry's Auto Repair and Restoration
11313 South Parkway Huntsville Al 35803
before paint     * * * * * * * * ** * * * *   after paint in the veterans day parade, Huntsville Al

1st day i got the Stang, stock rims, stock headlights, and faded brown top  of course a v6 auto


this is after i did the top, still looks crappy with stock wheels
v6 raw power there! 
1st day of swap  
old trans. really warn out ! 
all old 1997 v6 wiring from the car
old v6 looks kinda small dont it ! ! !    
i had to remove the v6 gas tank and rear end to install 1999 cobra IRS
and 1999 gt fuel system  
whats that, just a simple cobra independant rear suspension with 3.27 gears beats the stock 7.5 and 2.73 gears 
eew cant love those headlights  
almost looks factory, next step 410 gears and maybe a supercharger if i get lucky

engine needs a good cleaning!                                                              cleaned up and now includes a new typhoon intake manifold

just a few add ons to go with the engine swap
bbk shorties, c& l cold air intake system and bbk throttle body 
installed and ready to go  
only dent on the car right front fender  
1 piece headlights, i dont love em , but it beats the stockers  
wife posing next to the car,  
now hows that look , i did the top myself,
all the info 1997 mustang v6 conv auto to 1999 mustang gt conv auto

First I will list the parts that were required to do this swap
Major components
Engine 1999 4.6 sohc 46xxx miles
Transmission auto tranny out of a 1999 gt
Rear end 1999 cobra irs


Engine wiring harness
Ecu wiring harness
Body wiring harness
Dash wiring harness( has fuse box connected)
Door wiring harness
Under hood wiring harness (has under hood fuse box connected and ccr)
Center console wiring harness
Turn signal harness
Fuel system

Gas tank
Gas tank filler neck
Gas lines from engine to tank
Charcoal canister
Air pump on pas fender
Various fuel lines and hoses
Components needed
Gem module( general control module)
Constant control relay module
Fuel relay ( trunk)
Srs relay and srsair bags
Abs compressor
Overflow tank
Hydramatic brake system( mounting holes are different size needed to redrill out)
Power steering Lines
brake booster
master cylinder
various relays
I did not use it but it is easier to just get a dif steering collum( because of pats and turn signal switch)
Turn signal switch
Gauge cluster
Exhaust system
Cruise control module and cable
Throttle cable
Air filter set up
4.6 exhaust
Door latches

for all of you  who said pigs would fly before i got this done ! ! 

First off let me say if you are planning to do this, you better have a lot of knowledge on cars and the working of newer cars get something like alldatadiy or a mfg manual

Also prepare to have your car down for an extended amount of time

Mine was down 3 months mostly for waiting for parts to come in and trying to figure stuff out

My total cost is 5780.00 for the entire swap

This is a basic break down
All hard parts I listed above 1750

Wiring 600

Labor 2250( does not include my personal labor of about 100 hours)

Sct tuner 400

Irs 780.00

Ok for swap

First remove everything

I mean engine trans wiring dash interior ect until you have a stripped car

Then put it on a lift and remove entire fuel system be careful , gas tank is heady if anything inside it but even if just a little it is awkward to take down( recommend 2 people)
Fair warning, do not pull or cut any wires 1 broken wire will cause you hours and hours of headaches

Ok I was lucky because all my parts were removed from the other car for me

But if your doing from car to car first do the v6 ( swap to car) car first, put all the parts aside then as you remove parts off donor car install them onto the other car

You will notice things different, like the door pin connectors for your dome lights, the fuse block does not fit in the old spot because itís a different size ect

Other than that the body of the 1997 and 1999 were almost identical( but not 1 wire was the same) and wiring was perfect(note 1994-1998 h pipes are a different angle than 1999-2004 buy the h pipe based on the body not the motor)

Ok onto my swap

We pulled all the 3.8 stuff out pretty simple kept everything just incase we needed anything

Installed 4.6 and all accessories wiring, ac, abs, cooling ect
Everything fits, we did have to drill a few holes to mount things
But the harnesses fit into the same positions, engine trans and drive shaft fit right in and bolted right up to the 7.5 rear end
Dash wiring connected to the ac system, but I cannot find a wire for my clock, its ok who needs a stupid clock anyways

Headlights and turn signals were just plug and play,

Note 1 big problem was mounting the fuse box and gem module
I used a small cut off wheel and trimmed the metal to fit the fuse box, then installed it, gem module is zip tied to the kick panel

Air bags are disconnected would need to get 1999 airbags and the sensors to make them work

Since the pats system on the steering wheel for the 1999 was completely different than the 1997 and I didnít want to tow my car there just to get them to charge me 300.00 for the pats system, so we went to jms http://www.jmschip.com for a sct tuner to bypass the pats and turn off the rear o2 sensors also added a nice tune to the car.
update .... i would like to note, i h ave been having problems with the jms tune. 2 things mostly
#1 between safe, moderate and performance tunes, i cannot tell any difference and with 93 octane 
#2  there seems to be a problem with the shift points and as far as i can tell it is due to the tune allowing them to shuift as soon as the presure builds up instead of holding the gear 
Went to start the car and hit 2 problems
The constant control relay module was buzzing, thanks to some help from a local ford guy I found out it only buzzes when it is not grounded properly so we knew we had a break somewhere in the wire, instead of taking days to find that wire we just tapped it near the relay box and grounded it to the body directly got instant power , tested for spark and tested to see if fuel pump was priming , then final test was fuel pressure.

At this point we were ready to crank her,With only an h pipe,

We cranked her over but nothing , she just spun but didnít kick

Tried a little either and she started right up
So we knew it was fuel,

Injectors were stuck, all 8 of them

So we pulled them off and cleaned and cycled them , stock them back in and she started right up THEN dam a fuel leak
Shut her off and looked around, someone stuck the rubber line onto the steel line but forgot to put the little plastic clip so she popped off, fixed her and she started right up

Just needed to bleed the brakes and make sure everything was tightened up on her

Now a few pointers
1.When you start to put things on the car, tighten them up as you go, you may thing you will get back to them later, but you will forget there are too many components going on so tighten as you go( its better to tighten them and have to loosen them instead of forgetting and something falling off later)
2. do not pull on your wiring harness, it may seem strong and you may thing its ok, but we somehow broke a ground and never found it, also the previous owner pulled off the turn sig wire when they took out all the old wiring, so we needed to fix that
3.dont try to just make stuff fit, it wont, even if it does it donít mean it will make the proper connections

Many people will say for 4600.00 I could have went out and bought a 1997 gt ,

But let me tell you

I now have a 1997 gt convertible with only 88,000 miles on the body, it has a 99 pi engine, a sct tune h pipe rear o2 deletes,and eibach springs( 1997 gt and v6 use the same rotors and calipers, 1999 gt uses same rotors but different calipers)and I know the car very well now

So lets say I went out and bought a 1997 gt, then I did a pi head and intake swap 800-1200 dollars, sct tuner 400.00 h pipe 200-350

Thatís 1400-1800

Plus the 4600
So in the long run I did save money,

Note, I did not add abs, or air bags, that would cost me another 500-750 

updated pics wife has been driving it, love them pink heart seat covers! !  

2008 Rocket city mustang club after the paint                                         new set of shoes for the stang

this was the mustang club and valley vettes  scavenger hunt

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