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updated: Mar 25th 2007 @ 10:29 PM

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this was my old ride before i got my stang, i really loved that car, it was a 1987 fiero gt, i put about every bolt on you could on the damn thing, the fastest run i had was a 9.560 in the 1/8.

when i got it, it was a basket case, i put a hi flow exaust on it, off road strait pipe, cold air intake, msd, chip, pulleys, super coil, 9mm plug wires, headers, and a short throw shifter. i sold it on ebay the night i bought my mustang, i was only asking 1250.00 for it and i got 2500.00 for it!!! so first thing i did was buy gears, headers, h pipes, pulleys, and cold air intake!!!! then i gave the the wife 500.00 and she was happy, funny how when they get money it makes her happy.

i figured i would put some pics of it up here to pay respect to the old beater.

would i ever get rid of my stang for another fiero. hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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