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updated: Feb 7th 2005 @ 10:08 AM
By a lot comments from friends, family, and the guestbook. I think I am going to stay with the Black color of my car.
I know it needs a good buff and sealing of the paint, but I will get that done once I have the new body panels on and painted to match.

Well I just did the most work to my car ever in 10 years!!!
I changed out the the battery to starter cable. It took about 4 hours, just to remove the cable. and then about 2 hours at Advance and Autozone.
The guys at Autozone help me figure out a new way to run the cables, since they didn't have exact replacements. so I ran a main line to the alternator hookup and then ran the cable down to the starter.
I did get some pictures I my car taken.
I will get the up here when I can get my wife to email them to me, since my laptop crashed again. I had it for 4 days!!! ARGH!!!!

7/6/2004 Updated 8/12/2004
I hope everyone had a good 4th of July celebration. I found the body kit

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I want to put on my car.
Now some people have said that this is too rice for a Mustang. So I am putting up a new poll for this.
Please vote what you think.
Of course this will happen after it first gets some much needed performance upgrades.
I made a list of the order I am going to do things in. Let me know what you think, or if I am not going in the right direction.
#1 Tint- I can only do 35% here because of VA laws, and then it is still not good enough for the sides. DONE!
#2 Cooling system- since my heater core is broke again, I am going to change out everything. Maybe i can get another 7 years out of those components. I was thinking a radiator w/ and oil cooler would help.DONE! 10/15/2004 well I got the heater core replaced cost me just unde $1000 but now I have heat for the winter, and if I have a problem I am taking it back to the dealer for them to fix.
#3 Cold Air Intake- figure I can help get my fuel economy up, along with some HP.Going get the MAC one, I hear it clears better.
#4 Exhaust- Bassani headers unequal length ceramic coated, Bassani X pipe, and MAC 2.5" exhaust w/ 3" tips.
#5 Speed-glo gages or white face. from speedhut.
#6 Projector headlights one piece unti with black housing.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I wish the gov'nment would stop taking so much of my paycheck (about 60% OF MY OVERTIME) I was hoping to use that money for parts. But I may have to wait until tax time and I get my refund.

I just got back from Baltimore, MD. Wife wanted me to take our van, but I love driving my Mustang so NO WAY!!!
She was worred something would happen to it and me. Since I hit the road at 2am and got home at 5 pm. 4 hours up and 4 hours back.
Well I finally got some pictures of my car D/L from our camera. Let me know what you think.

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I know it is quite stock and has lots of miles on the clock.
Well My Check from the government showed up. It only took 8 weeks, and it is still not all of it. But it now means I can finally get the windows tinted! HOORAY FOR ME!!

water pump finally went out. Not bad it lasted 180K miles. Had local dealership I get a discount with do it, plus change out timing chain (did you know they are only good for 100K). All was well until I noticed they put regular oil in my engine!!!!

Finally got to go back to dealership, they changed my oil, after I brought them the proper oil and filter. And gave me a state inspection. All this for free.
Thank goodness they did that!!!

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got ya ranked. great looking stang. plz return the favor and if you have time check out n4arides site to.

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Hey. I'm new to the site and I see we're in the same area. Are there any good mustang clubs around?

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