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Super Coupe in a 'Stang

blog Wednesday, September 04, 2013 @ 8:41 AM

My adventure in putting a 1987 Thunderbird "Super Coupe" 3.8 S/C engine into a 1983 Mustang GLX. Some of you may ask WHY????? V8's are cheaper, yadda yadda,yadda. I have heard it all.Well it is like this; Everybody and their mother, girlfriend and their buddies have a cowl hooded, chrome wheeled V8 Mustang. Well peeps I will never cop to being normal...EVER! So I brought together all my available information about Mustang parts, colors, and with the help of some factory trained Master Ford Techs, I started to build my version:

 Using a 1983 GLX I had bought in a package deal (3 Mustang ragtops 1983-1986, for $1250.00 ) I decided I wanted to see how much could be done with the ford V6. Starting with a 1989 engine , I stripped it down and had the engine sent to a machine shop for machining. I then bought a 4.2 Ford (F-150) crank, and forged rods, and forged Wiseco pistons from Super Six Motorsports ( www.supersixmotorsports.com) to bring my displacement to 4.3 Liters. The stock compression was 8.7 to 1, but to make a few more ponies, I opted for 9.5 to 1 since I am not going above stock boost levels.

The bottom end was modified with a Delk Performance main bearing girdle, with an ARP stud kit. The oilpan is a modified F-150 unit sculpted to work around my stock K member. The top-end uses a set of Stock S/C heads that have been ported, polished and blended. Bee-hive springs and valves with thinner stems so airflow is greater, and heavy-duty valve locks and a Comp Cam to help the beast make power.

  The air intake system has been enhanced to remove restrictions inherent in the factory design. The main problem area was the "Blower Hat" that sits on the supercharger. This part required the air to be spit upward and forced to do a 90* turn in 1.3 inches. What I did to remove this problem waas to remove the inner fins and drill a 3 inch hole out of the top that will go into a tight 90* silicone tube then into a tube going to the intercooler, which is double the size of the stock intercooler.

The body features a 4 piece Cervini's LX kit,  a Cervini's "Stormin' Norman hood(2.5 inch rise) and a Saleen wing. Painted in Sonic Blue with PPG Russet Prizmatique  added to the color, it looks like a bass boat when you walk by it on a sunny day.

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Sep 4th, 2013 @ 8:56 AM


The heads used on this project are the stock S/C heads that have been ported, polished, and blended. Thinner stemmed valves to improve flow numbers, and heavier springs to work with the Comp Cams Camshaft  44-703-9, roller rockers from a Merkur, and heavy duty beehive springs and valve locks. I am using an intercooler that is twice the size of the stock unit and I am removing all restrictions to the flow from  Supercharger to Intake and a redesigned blower "hat".

Sep 4th, 2013 @ 9:43 PM


Much respect to you!  Take a lot of shit driving a 6er...  thats why I bought a few V8s... but will never get rid of the 6!!!

Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 2:10 PM


yes, it's a very cool thing to show off a project that's different than main stream.  For me I had a 4 banger originally and debated a 4 banger turbo.   I ended up going with the 5.0 because it was my original dream to own one. 

To make mine different though I decided to go with a kenne bell super charger (still pending project i hope to do this year)   The kenne bell is pretty few and far between these days on the fox bodies.  I've yet to see  a 'show quality' kenne bell fox mustang.  So i'm hoping to be first on that, or at least 'rare'.

again, great pick on the v6.  I tell J all the time his v6 is quite the special car and definately turns heads at shows.

Sep 22nd, 2013 @ 9:58 PM


If any of you would like to see this swap with a little more "In Depth" details the build thread is located at:

www.foureyedpride.com, forums, I6,V6, N/A4 , under more than "just a six"


Not trying to Pirate J just a buttload of typing



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