Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comNeed a Custom painter in Northwest .Ga. Hey everyone, I need a really good/great custom painter in Northwest ,Ga! the guy that was doing my car shafted me,I have the material,but I need someone that's willing to do the paint job ,that wants to get their name out as a custom painter. my car is the official demo vehicle for T3 Audio among a good many other sponsors. All of the new line T3 Audio will be installed in the car for the up-coming season.

I'm tired of getting taken! Don't repeat Don't use Ronnie Mullinax in Cedartown,Ga!!! 

up-dated my GS site( new interior ) Well I haven't figured how to put it in the blog,but if you go to my GS site page (5) interior you can see it.

New custom interior is doneMy new interior is finally done, I have plenty of pics ,but for some reason I'm un-able to down load them from my photobucket acct to here.I had no problem doing it on other sites ,just GS.

1HOTPONY is on front of XSPowermaster brochure
Hey everyone, just wanted to give the latest news! my car is one the front cover of the XSPowermaster brochure,this brochure goes out to over 30,000 customers.... I've been told it is put into every catalog Summit racing sends out.
recovering seats to match custom door panels
I'm having my seats recovered and need to do a poll on which color combination. 
1) Black leather with silver/gray carbon fiber inserts with red stitches
2) Black leather with red inserts with silver stitches
3) Black leather and  any idea that will look great with door panels
4) Ideas welcome
Here's door panel
New plaque came yesterday
I got home yesterday and this is what was waiting for me.....

mustang enthusiast electronic linkLink didn't work,just go to . it will show the download. Sorry everyone.
mustang enthusiast electronic link
Hi all GS'ers, Here is the digital link to Mustang Enthusiast July issue ONEHOTPONY on front cover. Should be out on news stands in May. 
New paint job,picking car up tomarrow
Hi everyone,
Well I'll be picking car up tomarrow. I had it re-painted" Had all the imperfections fixed. Car is same color,but bigger gold flakes in the red and a deeper finish.The painter won't have time to water sand and buff it until next week. Taking it to 45th Anniversary show ,buffed or not.
may not be 100% perfect for show,but atleast it will be at show.The way painter talks ,it is still an eye turner,just won't have that full glass finish until buffed.
1HOTPONY made the front cover July issue Mustang EnthusiastHi everyone! I just found out today that my Mustang made the front cover of Mustang Enthusiast magazine! July issue. Yea!!!  to bad it is with the old velvet audio system!and not the new one. But still I'm happy. ]]>1hotponyhttp://www.gotstang.com2009-04-02T18:21:52Z2009-04-02T18:21:52Z