Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comWelp....The time has come, and its starting to sink in.
My baby is all covered up, and on a trailer heading to Maple Shade, NJ to her new owner.
im freaking depressed.  Its just a car, yet, it's like losing a family member.
Too bad, i nearly gave it away too, at $15,500.  I put $12k in to her just last winter.
It IS going to a good home though, and you NJ folks keep an eye out for her at Atco and E-town, as i am told she will be making appearances and tearing up the streets as well.
Such a sad, sad day.
I almost PUKED clicking the submit button.
Time to sell the mustang :(
i dont want to get into the looooong boring details, but life takes crazy turns.  I have to sell my car.  This is the second hardest decision i have ever had to make. 
Most of my car can be seen on my site, but it hasnt been updated in a long time, so there is tons of new stuff installed, and currently going in as we speak.
in a nutshell.....42k miles on the car, pretty much mint with the exception of 1 tiny ding in the rear quarter, motor has just about 2k on it.
Its FULLY built, cammed and blown.  car made 467rwhp.  no expense spared whatsoever.  Car books at $10k in stock form....i have dumped an additional $15k in it easily...if not more.  Price is $18k b/o.
(i still owe about $2k on the payments are over in 6 months....can be paid off by buyer, or i will wait out the 6 months and try selling then)
If you or anyone you know might be interested, CALL me...i wont be online much for awhile.  716-444-1358
Your not going to believe this!! MUST SEE!!ok, so now that i got your attention 
Picked this gem up a week ago....
Fox Lake P51 Intake manifold, with Aeromotive rails, all the AN line, fitting's and adapters...for a mere $500...
I added a brand new accufab throttle body.....and some bling.....before and after pics....
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My Wheels + Tires are on Ebay!
if any GS'rs end up winning, let me know and i will split the shipping costs with you!!
time for something new!!  I will sell outside the auction so throw me some offers! 
Havin some fun...
Well, winter is around the corner, and i need to start getting some work done to the stang, so its nearing hibernation.  Yesterday, We decided to go run atleast one more time since the weather was great.
I belong to and run with MOMS.  MOMS stands for Mustang On Mustang Racing....Heads up, .400 pro tree.  We had the largest turnout ever yesterday.  over 100 mustangs alone. (1979-present)  We do 7 events per year...5 are for points.  Yesterday was "invitational" day....where brand X can come and run us ponies.  Nearly 200 brand X cars showed as well.  HUGE turnout!
Check them out
In a nut shell, you run 3 qualifying runs...they take your best run, and pair you up with whoever is closest for 1 final run.  The guy i was paired up with (white fox) was spraying the giggle gas, and qualified XX.02 faster than me.
He had a slight mishap at the end of the track, but i was pulling on him quite hard.  He beat me at the tree, but had no chance.  The times are a secret for now....i will leave you guessing lol. I will tell you I trapped at nearly 120 mph.  (1/4 mile) Makes no difference now anyway as the season is basically over right now and bigger things are coming this winter...
Check out my gobs of wheel the line, you can hear my tires (M/T ET Streets) break loose, folowed by the smoke....then 2nd gear...more smoke and even a tad in 3rd...dont mind my granny 
The Addiction....
someone please examine my head.  WTF is wrong with me?  lol.  Its the racing bug.  Most would think, that all of the work i did last winter was enough....WRONG!
In the past few days i have aquired the following...
A brand new stainless Borla cat-back exhaust to replace my brand new flowmasters LOL.
(couldnt pass on the deal..brand new for $225!!  They are over $800 new!!)
I picked up a like new polished Vortech air to water power cooler system for $425 (new they are $2100!!)
I have an 8pt S&W Roll cage sitting in my garage....
a Fox Lake P51 intake manifold with aeromotive fuel rails will be in my hands in 2 weeks from a friend... $1000 worth for $  It never ends!!
on a side note, when im done selling the meth kit, old discharge tube, and old exhaust...the power cooler would have cost me $50!  LMAO!
so i have 2 flows for sale, a snow boost cooler stage 2 kit for sale also....(thats not coming off until nov 1st)
Thats checking into the Henry Ford Clinic!!
Long Time, No Update...
Well, i FINALLY made time to update my engine page and updates a few other little things on my other pages.  I have been busy busy busy!
New to the ride...BBK Strut Brace, BBK Sub Frame Connectors, Driveshaft Safety Loop, Clutch Quadrant and Firewall Adjuster and a few other things here and there.
Ive been to 2 other shows since Carlisle (where i placed 2nd by the way lol)....i placed 1st in one and second in another.  got another couple shows coming up soon.  Including the Fun Ford Weekend in Norwalk Ohio.  Doubt i will place there, but i always wanted to go to a FFW event. 
2 Weeks ago, i raced down the quarter mile for the first time EVER in a MOMS event (Mustang On Mustang)....i babied the car BIG time, and being my first time EVER at the track, i ran a 13.1 on street tires.  I go again this friday, and hope to improve that drastically.  I will have Drag radials to help this time also.
Hopefully i will be running at FFW as well.  Ive caught the racing bug, and more seat time will help me improve.  Practice makes perfect.  Also, i have to get rid of the little voice in the back of my head telling me to take it easy on my baby!
Anyway, check out my engine page for the new pics....more goodies and pics/updates coming soon....I've nbeen slacking....
Here is a teaser...
i love this pic...checkered flag reflecting int he headlight...American flag in the background, a mustang with a blower....doesn't get anymore American then that! 

Carlisle Pictures are up!
enjoy!   this is literally only about 1/2 of what was there this whole weekend.  the sun, and battery life prevented me from getting pictures of EVERY car.
Well, I'm Back from Carlisle!
WOW.  thats the only way i can put it.  It was phenomenal.  My first time there.  There had to be 2 to 3 thousand cars there at one point on saturday....mostly mustangs.  It rocked!
The weather was scorching friday and was much better, and it started to rain near the very end.  oh, by the way, i placed 2nd in my class WOOT! 
I got to meet quite a few GS'rs...wldponi03, 91gt331, roush8702, guardian and a few others i cant think of at the moment (dead tired).  I also saw alot of peoples rides, but had no clue what they looked like.....everytime i found a car, no one was with it.
i missed thess6225 (hubby wanted that cheesesteak LMAO)
Me and Judy picked up some t shirts that say "this chic will smoke your ass"  HA HA HA.
anyway, i have nearly 500 pictures and a video of me getting my award in the parade, i need to get them posted up, probobly tomorrow.  too exhausted now.
anyway, i will definitely be there next year!!  Hope to meet some more!!