Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comPicked up some brand new 99 04 Saleen Rims 18x10Wow, I actually found some NOS (New Old Stock) Saleen rims on Ebay... literally, UNTOUCHED..

Look at the nice shipping setup they had, little bonnet over the edges to keep from rubbing on box, and a plastic piece ontop of that!!








TMA Turbo kit for the 99-04 3.8 MustangSo I finally decided to add some more power to the 6er...

This weekend I drove to PA (10 hours) to pick up a TMA turbo kit (older one) with a GT35-40R.

My Vortech install required very similar mods, so I am really 80% of the way there.  I will have to do some moving of the ABS system though (I am going to hate this). The only other thing I am a bit worried about is the oil drain on the vortech might be to small for this, which means I may have to retap my oil pan.  I will be doing some research to verify.

Will absoultey be posting pics of the install....  I am debating stopping all shows for the season to get this baby going...  I knew I bought this Garage Lift for a reason... should be much easier doing the exhaust work.

Here is the kit in Tony's garage (I got this kit from v6power)

HKS super sequentialBO

OBX Intercooler

I am hoping this little oil is normal... or not a bad sign..

Modified Headers (the main parts)

At home in my driveway

Close ups... .70 AR


 Showing some scale

TMA Install instructions for those of you that want to follow along

Any Turbo guys here?  If you want to drive up to NH, could use a hand \"smile\"


Painted my calipers blueThoughts?





Windscreen Install for Convertible Mustang 99 04 - CDC or Saleen Lightbar Hey guys,figured I would post some Install pics of the Windscreen 'project'...

The instructions were OK, but I think these photos will help mustang owners who had a bunch of questions like I did... hopefully I did it right, it turned out great!

94 - 04 Mustang GT/Saleen/Roush Tinted Light Bar Wind Deflector


Nvidia Disable Confine Taskbar to Center DisplayNot really mustang related but if you are a Gamer... there is a new setting on the 301.42 drivers called 'Confine the Windows Taskbar to the center display (enabled by default).'..

To disable: see this screen shot.





Just got my 99-04 Roush Mustang WheelsJust got my used 99-04 Roush Wheels,  they need a bit of work, rechroming most likely.  These are the 99-01 style rims and from my past 3 months of looking, pretty hard to find.

 Take a look:


They look pretty good from far away.. up close you can see the issues..




Will post pics when I am done finding a Chromer!!!


New plates on the saleen mustangWhat do you all think???

 I think its sexy!!!


The Saleen Mustang at the beach



Some nice shots of the Saleen Mustang infront of a lake 






Big News!!!Nicole and I got engaged a few weekends ago... figured id let you guys know.. LOL

Her response was "What took you so long"...

Will keep you guys up to date with the plans... wish us luck (HA)!!!

Might need everyones stangs at the wedding \"smile\"