Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.com22" Rims for Navigator or Expedition22 x 10 Devino Road Concepts bolt pattern 6x135mm with 305/45R22 Kumho Ecsta STX Tires.  Tires have just less than 400mi on them.  Selling because the wife wanted 24 rims on her truck.  They will fit any 04-06 Lincoln Navigator or 02-on Ford Expedition with no suspension modification necessary. $2,000.00 firm.

and no that's not me in the pic  \"smile\"

Misc parts from Legend

Mitch ]]>
.020 over pistonsI'm building an aluminium 4.6L block that's already bored .020 over.  I'm planning on using all of Legends internals except the pistons.  Anyone know where I might be able to find them? 
Legend's ProdigyFirst let me say that you guys have always been great.  That is being proven more and more as time goes on.  I've been nominated again for best Cobra, very suprising considering the car has been wrecked.  However it shows me just how much you guys liked my car.  It is truely and honor.
Secondly let me say that Legend's Prodigy ('00 GT that has yet to be named) will not only live up to her reputation but may even surpass it.  I have done alot in the removal of components from Legend and phase I is nearing completion.  Phase II is now beginning and there are even bigger plans in work.
Thanks again guys and keep em shiny side up....... and look out for Mitsubishi 3000GT's at intersections.
The Block is crackedSo I was thinking of swaping the engine and tranny into a new car, yeah it looks like that that's not gonna happen. I got a call from the shop that has the car they said the block was cracked from the impact, that kinda ruins my plans to transplant them (I still wanna see for myself I trust no mechanic but myself) anyway I also found out from the other guy's insurance co. that he had a cap of $25,000 of what they can pay out for a car after they had already offered me $38,000 for the car. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. So now I'm going to have MY insurance company go through that whole process again and take another month to pay me less that what I truely believe the car is/was worth. It's gonna take some time.

Just giving an update ladies and gentlemen

-Mitch ]]>
V6 conversion ]]>Legendaryhttp://www.gotstang.com2006-11-17T22:59:35Z2006-11-17T22:59:35Z conversion ]]>Legendaryhttp://www.gotstang.com2006-11-17T22:41:15Z2006-11-17T22:41:15Z UpdateSo I still havent so much as seen my wrecked car in about 2 weeks.  The insurance company is being a bitch.  I've not gotten an offer, I just barely found out that they determined it a total loss (duh).  So I gotta meet the insurance lady tomorrow to show her reciepts of all the aftermarket parts that were on Legend so that she can tell me she's giving me way less than what the cars has into it, I'm sure.  Anyway, that's where I'm at. 
Oh, TUS (totaly unrelated subject) I know that people are into the asking for votes for faceoffs thing, I don't do that.  We all know the purpouse of the face-offs and it seems a bit like a popularity contest as opposed to it's true intention when this is the way votes are gotten.  Just my $.02. No offence to anyone who does it but I wont partake in it either way.
How about this for a new Legend
I was thinking of buying a 1999 V6 and using the heart and soul of Legend (engine and drivetrain to include the IRS) and transplanting them into Hero (the new cars name)  what do you guys think?
Oh BTW, J you are making GS the most awsome mustang site on the fucking web!!!!  Keep it up bro.
Legend Is Dead
This is what I didn't want to happen to my baby.