Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comKenne Bell Arrives for '4NoMore' 93 Mustang Project Arrived this past week!  I absolutely had to have a factory NEW Polished Kenne Bell for '4NoMore'; I couldn't settle for anything less.

My Plan is to just tinker this winter on this install, I could get it done in a weekend; but with the winter coming I didn't see much point.  I just couldn't wait until spring time to get it!




Here is the future home of this Kenne Bell:

Commitment: Getting the KB this year!Planning to call Kenne Bell tomorrow and place my order finally...for the 93 5.0 Mustang, the 4nomore project.

I built the Engine in 2009 specifically for this blower.....running this set up:

AFR 165 heads:  2.02 intake / 1.6 exh 58cc
1.7 Trickflow Rockers
GT-40 lower intake (Ford Racing)
Comp Cams' Extreme Energy Xe266Hr
255 lph Holly Fuel Pump
Adaco performance DBX97 90mm MAF with  Anderson Motorsports Powerpipe
Need to still pick a Larger Throttle Body and Injectors (thinking 42lbs)

planning to get TB1000-FB  Blowzilla/Flowzilla at 8PSI 

Goal is 380-400 hp (plenty for me)


In the spring I'll be getting a new tune and dyno for everyone to check out 

New Video of the 'Married Saleens'ok, since buying our 'wedding Saleen' a 2004 S281 Saleen #190 (almost two years ago) we decided we needed two so we can cruise in full matching style with the tops down....So a few weeks ago got this beautiful 2002 Saleen Speedster #566

...yes we are sick people for owning 5 stangs now.  but each one is special in it's own way. 

Anyways, here's our latest mustang habit....driving in matching married Saleen verts


Click here for more pics of the Silver 2004 S281 Saleen #190

Click here for more pics of the White 2002 Saleen Speedster #566

COME ON!!! Avg rank is an 8?Can I get re-ranked?  Come on!  I'm going to go back and re-rank everyone a 1 while you sleep!


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BIG NEWS....can u guys guess what it is?1000 gotstang points to whoever can guess our big news! 

2012 Calendar RegistrationRegistration is NOW OPEN for the 2012 gotstang calendar.

Similar to 2011 we're planning on the 11 FEATURED MEMBER version (+collage)
same awesome quality as prior years
11x8" x 2 when unfolded

The 11 featured members will be chosen based on the following criteria:
-Best Photos (interesting angles and background, 2300x1800 or larger please! 
(dimensions must be larger than 800px wide or I cannot use them)
-Site Activity may play a role in a tie-breaker decision
-Stang variety
-Timing...if i finish the calendar before you register...I cannot fit you in

Collage requirements = no specific image requirements




Calendar graphics are done!  J will open up orders shortly, donations = free calendar (multiples can also be ordered)

Thinking Twice about recommending a Mustang I was talking to my mom the other day and recommended she buy a fox body Mustang since they're so cheap and she can stop asking to drive mine.  So...she's like- yeah I have the money just find me one!

So for the hell of it I started looking on craigs list...and stopped after I got the first result-
....HOW CAN I SUBJECT ANY MUSTANG TO HER abuse?   I.....can't do it- I know the fate of the car wouldn't be good and i'd never sleep at night worrying about it.  ...yeah.....worrying about the car lol

I'm not going to mention it again to her and hope she forgets to ask me

Cool Image Scroll! Check out my site!Implementing new scrolling images....I think I can get J to implement it for everyone!

Check it out on my page:



Medican Marijuana TrendI've seen on TV lately more and more references to California's legal medical marijuana law and it got me thinking....
How soon before most of America is this way?  The more states adopt the law, the more the pressure is on the federal government to lay off.  and...Cali usually sets the trends in laws....imo

I personally gave up pot a long time ago, and it wasn't hard to let it go.  ....but I've seen people who could really use it and beleive they should have a right.  I also think people should not get a criminal record simply by getting busted with a joint either-  I recall being 17 smoking a ciggarette and a cop finger printing me over it.....fing crazy!  But regardless, pot isn't as horrible as people make it out to be.  I actually think it's no worse than drinking.

Anyways, I noticed NH seems to be a pending state in this matter.  And hell, being the 'live free or die' state they should have already passed it!
Link to the NH article: 

"Just Married" Sign

Here's the 'just married' sign for the stang, I was going to order two magnets for each door and printed sign for the back