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August MOTM
I would like to congratulate bucket for being nominated for August's Member Of The Month.
Can the judges just judge the JFOs........
.....and refrain from personal comments.  My opinion is that if someone is classifified and have the JFOs enabled then they are willing participants.  If these members are not up to the standards and have them turned on then it is the job of the classifiers to de-class these Stangs.

Why is it that I take someone on who has their JFOs turned on I get blasted by the judges, when in fact I have seen one of these judges do the same thing I was just blamed for?
"YsOffcr, as a regular person I need to tell you picking guys with websites like this is a low blow even for you."  What does this mean?? Since when have the judges started to insult people? BS! Judge the stangs and keep your opinions about the members to yourself.
"If your going to drag me into a judged face-off please make it worth everyones time." The same judge just keeps the insults coming....
"frankly I don't know how to judge this one fairly or make any comments"  Here's my answer: Don't and turn your judging off.
"Hmmmmm I expect better from Ys to stoop low for an easy win like this." ......And the hits just keep coming.
"I like tonys exterior enough to give it to him out of pity,... "  Not only does he insult me but stoops low enough to insult Mstangtony. Nice job.
"Overall YsOffcr in a not close one. Tony has been declassified." I'm glad you finally used your abilities as a classifier and de-classed someone who doesn't meet the new requirements for the JFOs.
"Since Mstangtony isn't even classified and from the looks of his site I can see why then Ys gets the pathetic win." ....and the finishing blow of insults. BTW he was classified when I challenged him.
On a positive note, I would like to thank the judges for judging this one quickly and not making everyone one wait the normal 10 day waiting period.

July's Member of the Month
Congratulations to BlackJack64 for being nominated for July's MOTM.
Can one more person sign up for the Ultimate Tournament?????63 of the 64 slots have been filled, so can someone please sign up (who is either lightly or moderately modified) to get this tourney started.
17 x 10s For Fox Bodies
I found a company who makes a 17 x 10 wheel for all of us fox body owners, now we can have the wide tire look all of the 94 and ups have enjoyed.
These pics are of the 17 x 6.5 wheels on the front with the 17 x 10s on the rear. The company is MavroMont Industries.

I would like to congratulate NASTNASO for being chosen for June's MOTM.
JUNE Member of the Month
MOTM NominationsIf anyone has another member in mind they would like to see as MOTM please PM me. It would also be helpful to throw in a couple of reasons why, not necessary but helpful.
April's MOTM
I would like to congratulate Ryan (Dirtworks04) for being nominated for this month's MOTM. Please take a look if you haven't already.
Finally did it.................
I drove 3 hours to Maryland International Raceway for the Bad Mustangs Club Get Out of the Cold event and finally took my GT down the 1/4 mile. She's not a track virgin anymore. Here's how I did:
            1st                     2nd                     3rd
RT        .781                   .340                    .439
60'       2.175                  2.212                  2.520
330      6.225                  6.269                  6.664
1/8      9.448                  9.524                   9.936
MPH     77.69                  77.14                  76.85
1000    12.197                12.292                 12.700
1/4      14.492                14.598                 15.012
MPH     98.62                  98.21                  98.18
I didn't think it was too bad for my first time on the track with it.