Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comEngine Shots... May have shown a couple of these before.  Not macro shots but close enough.  These were taken with my Canon 7D & the 28-135mm. Some may have been snapped with the 50mm.  Zoom lenses are so much better for a walk around stuff. My 28-135 is extremely sharp.   I use photoshop, photoimpact, Serif and Topaz products. 

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Table Top PhotographyI have been attempting to do some tabletop photography. Like to attempt everything with the camera so I had to try.  I don't have a macro lens for the tabletop stuff but used my 50mm F1.8 lens.  Recently bought some macro pieces (no money for the macro lens) to cheat but haven't tried those yet.

Here's some table top shots with the 50mm. I would like to do some images with some small car parts soon.




Grafitti in Las Vegas... It's really amazing how much grafitti goes up over grafitti now.  Every weekend when I go and check on new stuff I see some amazing artwork that's been replaced with something else and other artwork that has been around for a while.  Not sure if there is some kind of hierarchy amongst the taggers.   I have met a few of the taggers. they have permission on these homes to tag without trouble. So many are coming her to work that they continue to just create theirs over someones elses work.  Wasted talent. The city 'our art district' needs to put these guys and gals to work.


Here's some of the latest images I have captured.  Check out my ImageWorx  photography page and click "LIKE" if you like my work.!/pages/Image-WorX/244705535613876


This one was gone within a week of it being paint. It was an incredible piece of art.










Grafitti Shots... I have started collecting grafitti images from around town. They are awesome pieces of work that don't last long but are beautiful works of art; 

These image were taken and heavily processed to bring out the darks and highlight the colors.

Las Vegas Grafitti





Photographs Las Vegas, 5 Okay, last one for today...

These are images taken from the statue area at the Forum shops and Treasure Island where the Sirens show performs. 

Here the new "Rock Bar" outside Planet Hollywood. use to be the Hawaiian Tropic but they had no businss with the new kick ass bar just down the street.


photography las vegas 4

These images were taken at night, no flash and full action shots. The Canon 7D is a wonderful camera. It's so much fun to use.

photography las vegas 3 More car shots - play with tints in some of them.


Photography Las Vegas, 2We actually have a group of taggers that are doing some beautiful work and get permission to tag walls creating beautiful walls in our Art District.  And some misc LV images...






Piece of fascade at the Mermaids casino downtown las vegas on Fremont Street.


Photogaphy Las Vegas 1It's pretty slow in here. Thought maybe to post some recent images I have been doing with the photography stuff. Got some car stuff ( not so much into shooting the entire car, but pieces of them that look excellent in large prints for the wall.) and other misch images. Feel free to let me know what you think.

these are some images from the car shows in Boulder City, NV & Las Vegas.  We have one weekly Saturday Car Show & Coffee that runs from 8am to 11am. Some nice cars, but many of them don't show their machines that clean. Lots of image clean up or unusable images... \"smile\"






ROCK-A-HOOLA PARKAnyone remember the Rock-a-hoola waterpark that use to be between Los Angeles & Las Vegas?  It is actually the first waterpark ever created.  It's long abandoned and on one long weekend I dragged the poor wife out to the location for some shots.   Here the video link (  of the Rock-a-hoola opening up for the first time and then the images from my visit to ruins.  Lots of images.

The most incredible thing was the paint on the buildings. They looked like they were still just painted. The colors are vibrant even after sitting in the desert sun beating on them for over ten years. Amazing. 

These were the pumps that cycled and moved the water around the park.