Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comSite seems stalled...?Site went extemely slow this month and lots of issues seeing member cars. 

Car show trophies dried up a lonnnnng time ago... now the whole car show & nomination process seems dead.  October never was wrapped up and November never got started.

What's up J - I've PM'd you but no response...

Daily site traffic by members seems  to be way down - whats the plan for the site?


Video of my new cams Added Comp Cam XE274H cams to my new MMR 1000 built engine... whatcha think?



I'm frozen out !!!!Something is definitly wrong & maybe it's just my account  - but I can't post ANYTHING to peoples guestbooks.   Zip .. nala ... zero.     J?  (I tried to leave you a PM - but as you can see in your guestbook - I can't type anything)    IDEAS??  ]]>skidad62http://www.gotstang.com2006-09-19T21:10:12Z2006-09-19T21:10:12Z features running REALLY SLOW?Tried to log onto a few website & guestbooks but say "waiting"....   all other websites working fine... anyone else having problems??   The Who have you not ranked and who has ranked you features have not been working for me for some time now...?
New page of hi-resolution pics added ]]>skidad62http://www.gotstang.com2006-09-04T21:59:49Z2006-09-04T21:59:49Z DAMAGE - by Chevy

Check this pic out... found it on one of the Chevy web-boards... they were enjoying the carnage from a trailer hitch insert...   

Would this suck in a parking lot or what... 

Video of my 373 gears
Rowing gears 1-4 - video of speedo/tach with FRP 373s.
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