Blogs RSS1969-12-31T19:00:00Z Mustang Communitygotstang.comSpring timeSpring is fastly approaching and with the nice weather we had last weekend a bunch of us decided to take a cruise down to the USS NC Battleship at Wilmington. Enjoy the pictures.

Forza 4Anyone playing this?


I know its not fast but its fun to cruise around in lmao



The mach has been parked.No longer the daily driver.  After 130k miles on it, I figured it was time to park it.  It will be still driven to shows and on the weekends and maybe to work once in a while.  here is what i picked up that will be taking the place of it.  2003 Suburban 4x4



It was time.....As much as I drive and the price of tires and not being able to rotate, I decided it was best for me to go back with the stock look.  Doesnt look bad but no ways as good I think. I will get better pictures up when i have the chance to get up cleaned up nice.



What a way to start the weekendThis happened Saturday morning around 8 am.  I was stll in the bed when I heard my wife scream and woke me up.  The highlighted part about the second call was us.  The man was trying to get into my mach and my wifes accord.

A man running from deputies in Johnston County tried to hide from them by jumping into a well.

Deputies tell Eyewitness News that a homeowner on Joyner Bridge Road in Four Oaks reported to them that his house had been broken into.

While on scene, deputies then got another call of a suspcious naked man trying to break into a car.

That's when they began to chase William Tyler Wood, 27, of Carolina Beach.

Deputies say Wood ran into a bean field, and jumped into a 15-foot well while fleeing.

Firefighters had to help get Wood out of the well. He was taken into custody without incident. No injuries were reported. Deputies do not know why Wood was naked, but they do say he will be charged with felony breaking and entering and one count of misdemeanor breaking into a motor vehicle.

He is being held on a $42,000 bond.

Got me a SHOhandles awesome.......





turning low 10's in the 1/4 











ClutchesWell most of you know the stage 2 from spec i had lasted 12 months.  POS in my book.   So i went with a RAM this last time.  Pretty much it lasted a month and a half and the inside exploded.  The kit was like 200 bucks roughly so no big deal but i tried to get RAM to warranty the thing and they said the reason mine did what it did was from installing it wrong.  The last time i checked the MFer only goes one way.  They claim we used the clutch to tighten and pull the tranny up to it.  and we broke something Bullshit.  They only charged me 50 bucks for a new clutch but i didnt think i should pay a damn dime.

Props to Fastlane for really helping me on all of this. They fought beside me trying to get me up and running.


the last few months here are pictures i have take..... this shit is getting old.  all of these pics are from Jan till last week.









2nd Annual Mustang Day at Kings Dominion - June 5th 2010 

Another new clutchOld clutch

new clutch

the spec only lasted 12 months.  im not hard on the car and the only mods i have is the exhaust. Not really sure why the clutch and pressure plate was stuck together when it came out. piss poor design i guess bc im not out there riding the clutch and doing burnouts and heres just a picture of the tranny why i had it out.



Forza 3 PicturesI mine as well put some up here as well.  Anyone else play this?