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Each page has the mods listed for the appropriate area  that way you can SEE it as well as read the list. Enjoy.

This is my 87 LX.  I have had the car for 14 years. There isn't much that hsan't been changed. The car started as a 5.0 5 sp. LX. It now sports a 4 in.  Cobra R SVO hood, custom cowl panel, Saleen style front valance and bumper filler, Xenon sides, cobra rear and a GT wing.

                                                       The above pictures were taken on 7/26/09




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 The above picture is an old one of the front.
 Previously the car had a louvered 3 in. cowl hood.  The hood blew off caving in the cowl (and cover), denting the roof and ruining the hinges.  The hood was ripped completely off.  The first picture above is the most recent picture.  I just brought it home from the shop.



Here you can see the hood is a lovered hood and cowl panel.  The hood still looks savable as a pin-on hood, with no major damage to the outer surface.  The cowl panel and cover are still the same.



[ click to enlarge ]


I have headlight & taillight covers. Notice the custom touch to the lights. With the brake lights off, the car is nicely blacked out. You can see the custom license plate frame, above.   Excuse the glare.  The top reads " MY 1987 ".  Also, the license plate screw covers are noticeable. 



The wheels are 15 in. Draglites (6s in front and 8s out back) with 195-65 and 255-60 Hoosiers.   You can see here, the vavle stem caps, as well.

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Jun 20th, 2010 @ 10:04 AM

“” Well done. i love what you have done with that hatch. I ranked you. I painted my 67 and pics are up. Come by and check them out

Jul 31st, 2009 @ 11:25 PM


I like the white wheels!  Gotcha Ranked !!!  Pop by & rank my supercharged 03 vert...

Jul 26th, 2009 @ 7:29 AM

“” Thanks for the rank! Returned the favor

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