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updated: Jan 21st 2010 @ 04:53 PM
... main page ...
recent mods shown in orange

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... performance numbers as of 04.28.2009 ...
same perf mods as 11.15.2008
325rwhp / 304rwtq @ 7psi - 93 octane w/ torco

296rwhp / 284rwtq @ 7psi - 93 octane

... performance numbers as of 11.15.2008 ...
330rwhp / 309rwtq @ 7psi - 93 octane w/ torco
291rwhp / 291rwtq @ 7psi - 93 octane

... mods just ordered ...

... mods awaiting installation ...
-- Billet Flow 3.4" s/c pulley
-- Billet Flow 3.1" s/c pulley
-- Accufab Plenum
-- magnaflow hiflow cats

... current mods as of 01.20.2010 ...

-- v6 M112 supercharger kit from Mysteed Performance
-- ASP 25% udp
-- SCT xcal2 tuned by Manny at HPPRacing
-- CompCams 212/218 114lsa cam
-- JLT ram air intake (custom pieces)
-- 90mm lightning MAF
-- 03/04 cobra twin 57mm TB
-- egr delete
-- MAC ceramic LT headers
-- MAC o/r Prochamber
-- Bassani mufflers, 2.5" tubing & SLP tips
-- RAM Powergrip long style 11 x 1 1/16-10 clutch
-- 03 gt 8.8 rear end with 4.10s
-- Steeda Double Hook Quadrant
-- Steeda Firewall Cable Adjuster
-- MGW shifter (orange handle)
-- 03/04 cobra radiator and overflow tank (custom lower radiator hose)
-- dual breathers on valve covers
-- MaximumMotosports Front coilover setup & Eibach rear prokit springs (polyurethane rear isos)
-- MaximumMotorsports Caster/Camber Plates
-- Tokico D-spec fully adjustable shocks/struts
-- Kenny Brown full length SFCs
-- Brembo 13inch 4 piston brakes
-- 01 gt hydroboost setup & pedal assembly
-- raised gas pedal mod

-- mach 1 hood + decal
-- mach 1 shaker (custom mounted)
-- mach 1 chin spoiler cobra chin spoiler
-- mach 1 grille delete
-- mach 1 c pillars and glass
-- 03/04 cobra skirts
-- 03/04 cobra mirrors
-- bullitt scoop deletes
-- 99/01 cobra front (custom painted) + custom fitted 03/04 cobra foglights
-- 03 gt rear bumper (custom painted) with "mustang" cutouts
-- 03/04 cobra spoiler
-- 99/01 cobra tail lights (tinted)
-- custom (black) rear ford emblem
-- custom (black/silver/black) fender emblems
-- 18x9 hypersilver saleen wheels on BFG KDW2 tires (255/40 fronts & 275/40 rears)
-- brushed aluminum center caps
-- chrome hood shocks from AutoBadges
-- no antenna & hidden interior antenna
-- black clearcorner headlights
-- 6000k HID bi-xenons from StangMods
-- 6000k HID fog lights
-- silverstar turn lamps
-- xenon lic. plate lights
-- 50% taillight tint from American Muscle
-- 20% tint all around

-- SpeedOfSound 2 gauge a-pillar gauge pod \"smile\"rool:
-- Autometer sport comp 2 boost/vac gauge
-- Autometer sport comp 2 wideband af gauge
-- Autometer sport comp 2 elec. fuel pressure gauge
-- Autometer instrument cluster 2 gauge gauge pod/bezel
-- custom fuse box for gauges
-- mach 1 pedals saleen aluminum pedals
-- mach 1 gauge cluster (with white leds)
-- gauge bezel surrounds for cluster
-- mach 1 shift knob
-- mach 1 shifter bezel ring
-- FR500 steering wheel from AmericanMuscle
-- satin door panel inserts from AutoBadges
-- satin door handles from UPR products
-- satin door pin surrounds from UPR products
-- satin headlight knob
-- shift bezel with trac ctrl button (car didn't come with one)
-- 01+ center console
-- 03 gt premium leather seats
-- rear defrost button (car didn't come with one)
-- bright white led dome light
-- bright white led map lights
-- blue leds to replace stock hvac panel lights
-- mach460 door pods (car didn't come with them)
-- 3 bright white led light bars for trunk
-- 1 mach1000 sub
-- 200w rms clarion amp
-- kenwood x891 HU
-- Infinity Kappa 6809cs Component Speakers up front
-- Infinity Kappa 6829cf Speakers in the back
-- roush trunk tool kit
-- sound deadening throughout the car

... car's history ...
i bought the car in late 2001 when i was still in highschool. i paid for the car throughout the rest of my highschool years and ended up having it paid off by my sophomore year in college.

the first thing i did (as any dumb highschooler would) was put a sound system in it, i got a good price on some JL subs, amp, a sony HU, etc and i went from there. soon after i got tint, as i didn't like the fishbowl look. modding during college was pretty non-existant, as i had to pay for living expenses, so i was stuck to doing free mods (i did the clear corner mod on my headlights and that was about it).

after graduating and landing a job, the modding bug hit, HARD; and the rest is history. the car is my daily driver and i love it very much. it will stay a v6 as i feel they need more respect from everyone. future plans involve a built 4.3 stroker (i have a spare block waiting in my garage), ccw classic rims, bassani mufflers, suspension mods (front coilovers should be purchased by xmas 2008), _maybe_ 03/04 cobra wing, _maybe_ shaved 03/04 cobra rear bumper, paint (way down the road), and... _maybe_ a kenne bell or whipple supercharger to replace the eaton.


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Sep 15th, 2009 @ 4:01 PM


i looks good ill give you that a nice clean car and i do like the mach 1 hood but think about it 3 grand on brakes for a 325hp car? is it worth it... with all the money you spent on this car you could have bought a gt and supercharged it and you could have a clean car just like you have and it could be fast.

Sep 15th, 2009 @ 3:58 PM


bro offense but your car is a waste... the only good thing that is coming out this car is all the money your dumping into the economy you could fix the recission on your own

Jul 23rd, 2008 @ 3:29 PM


Hey.. i uploaded alot of new pics.. go check it out and let me know what you think.. page 3 i have alot of new ones.. and the friends page i have put alot of pics from our cruises and meets..

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