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2004 Screaming Yellow Saleen S281SC

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Welcome to my world...its all YELLOW
Check this out!
I'm happy to see the new owner of my old car is taking good care of it.  I got a few messages today regarding the pics below.  Thanks guys!  Below are the pics from Auto Enthusiast Magazine.  Here's the link : http://editions.amospublishing.com/KRPR/default.aspx?d=20101201
Here the pics.   Thanks for keeping it up Mark!     It's nice to know she went to a good home. 
In order to take in the full experince while browsing our site, we've added some music that we feel compliments the look and attitude of our car.  Please enjoy
A Brief History
Well lets see where to start…This is my first stang…I got it as a gift from my wife for our 17th anniversary…oh ya, she also made me quit smoking as part of the deal, if I light up she sells it. DOH! We live here in the miserably sunny fare weathered state of California …where all the sunshine makes me…well...happy.
About the car, It’s a brand new 2004 Saleen S281, got it in August of 05. Saleen added a Supercharger to it in December 05, it was ported, polished and tweaked at Saleen by one of the S-7 engineers…it puts out just over 10lbs of boost with the stock pulley. The list of upgrades is pretty short but here it is.

Factory Items & Mods
Composite Hood, Saleen Billet Rear-end Girdle, Magnaflow Catback Center Exhaust, Series IV Supercharger, 18x10.5 Rears, 18x9 Fronts Wheels wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero Rosso 295/35/ZR/18's, Short Throw Shifter, E303 Forged Cams, Saleen Headers, 3.27 Rear End, 30lb Fuel Injectors, Saleen Power Flash Tune, Saleen Full Body Kit, 13" Type II Series Slotted Front Brakes, Brembo Slotted Rear Rotors, N2 Front Struts & Shocks, Front & Rear Sway Bars, Leather Interior, Saleen 200 MPH Guages, Aluminum Pedals, Saleen Chassis Bracing, Carbon Fiber Shift Knob, Carbon Fiber Brake Handle, Carbon Fiber Interior Trim, JLT CAI Color Matched, Shorty Antena, Custom Saleen Trunk Lid Mat, UPR Polished Fluid Caps - Polished Radiator Cover - Polished Fuse Box Cover, Polished Alternator Cover, Dragon 75mm Throttle Body, and a Wiper Delete Kit, Saleen Caster Camber Plates, Saleen Lower Control Arms, Magnaflow X-Pipe w flow through cats, Ford Racing Chassis Braces, Stainless Hood Struts, Yellow Top Optima Battery, Billet Battery Box, Pi-thon Aluminum Spanner Hose Locks, Chrome Radiator, Powersteering and Super Charger Coolant Tanks, Boost-a-Pump, AFCO Pro Series Heat Exchanger, Aluminum Valve Covers (w/ custom finish), Red CPR Fuel Rails, Speed of Sound Gauge Pod, Raptor Performance Shift Light, Air/Fuel and Nitrous Guage, and a Zex Wet kit with dual purge, , remote bottle opener, polished bottle and RPI bottle bracket

Future Mods

Custom Strut Brace (Coming Soon...very soon), Mezier Electric Water Pump, Forged Internals Top & Bottom.


Before we jump in to all the pics I would like to share this very cool colage a friend made for me.  I hope you all like it as much as I do.  Thanks Becca!
 Here's the pics, and thanks for stopin by!


This would be me representing the two websites that I've had the most exposure to and that have made me feel more than welcome to this new world.


New Pics 12/16/07



New addition under the hood 11/14/07





Brand NEW pics!!!   11/10/07
Out for a cruise on a sunny day in November.




These pics are all taken from MustangWorld.com.  They are from shows over this past year from LA down to San Diego.
Beach Cities Mustang Club, Sunset Showdown 11/18/07





Saleen, Cars & Coffee, Irvine CA
OCMC, Mustang Madness, Costa Mesa, CA
San Diego Mustang Club, Mustangs by the Bay, San Diego CA




Beach Cities Mustang Club, Queen Mary XI, Long Beach CA
Saddleback Mustang Association, 10th Annual Mustang Show, RSM CA








Got Spray?




Here are some pics of the ZEX install
This is the active fuel control unit, mounted to the driverside fender, near the firewall.
Below is the dual purge system installed to vent out the cowling.
Check out the bottle and bottle bracket.  The bracket comes from RPI Racecraft Distribution and in my opinion is one of the best brackets on the market.  Notice the nice little nitrous line wrench attached to the out line.  This handy little baby makes disconnecting nice and easy.
We got the new SOS A-pillar installed.  Check out the finsih, this looks and installs like an OEM part.  NO drilling, No painting, NO screwing on.  You might also notice that little shift light, that's from Raptor Performance and installs in a snap.















This high-pro-flow is brought to you by Adams Polishes







New engine by pics with the new valve covers installed








    Yellow always makes me smile    



          Future Installs         
ZEX Wet Kit with remote bottle opener, blowdown tube, preasure gauge, and purge kit, polished and chromed






Raptor Performance shift light


Moto Blue fuel rails have been returned to sender. It was a bad experience and I will never again shop at RPM Outlet.

CPR Fuel rails have arrived and look AWESOME!!!
I finally got out to GTR Hi-Performance and got these bad boys installed I'm very VERY happy with them!



Breed Racing valvel covers





Brand new resevoir tanks, radiator, supercharger and powersteering.  I'm going to try and get these on next week.

A very good friend of mine came over and helped with (did) the install.  I'm very happy!



Got some new hose clamps to add a little bling under the hood.

A Speed of Sound A-Pillar Pod set.  This is an outstanding piece.  It's made from OEM Ford parts and the quality is top notch.  The color match is spot on molded plastic.  No fussing with paint matching and peeling down the road.  I highly recomend this one for anyone considering adding some gauges.


An Afco double pass heat exchanger.


Meizer High Flow Elecric Water Pump, free up a couple more pony's.


My wonderful wife got me a Yellow Top Optima Battery.  Nothing says I love you for the holidays like a brand new battery.

Something I thought was sorta funny.
Installed some Redline Hood Struts.

GTR Performance installed a Magnaflow X-Pipe.  Thanks guys you all rock!  I highly recommend these guys to anyone in Southern California.  They where professional courtious and very patient even with someone like me, snapping pics.  GTR ROCKS!  See you guys soon for more mods.
                   Out with the old       and        In with the new                  



Had Saleen install the Lower Control Arms

Installed the new scuff plates
Just had Saleen install the Caster Camber Plates
New pics from under the hood


Wiper delets, a much cleaner look in my opinion


I just thought I would add a little glitz and glam under the hood.


Dragon Performance 75mm Throttle Body.  SCHWEET!  It's like a jewel.  The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding.


Look how nicely it goes with that JLT CAI


  4130 chrome moly alloy steel tubing subframe connectors.  These bad boys will get welded in soon.  I can't wait.


Some new shiny eye candy added to the car
I just got this trunk lid mat today from my wife as an early birthday present.  She got it from Saleen who is working with GrandMatDesigns.  Let me tell you it's high quality.



She also got me the EJECT button you see below.  I think it's cool.


Time for a rear break upgrade
-  BEFORE  -
-  AFTER  -
 JLT Cold Air Intake...simply the best hands down




Some carbin fiber accents










Heres are some pics of the car right after a good cleaning for a local show.





Some pics from the show




The SALEEN Car Show and Open House 2006











A Co-Loge a friend made...I LOVE IT!

AWWW...The wet look, without being wet.  I love ADAMS Polish. 


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In one word, WOW! Sorry to hear that the Saleen is no longer in your possession, but i can see why. Your whole site is WONDERFUL! Very nice pics and what an AMAZINGLY CLEAN automobile! Right up my alley! I hadn't really been a fan of too many Stangs after 1972 and before 2005, but that Saleen in yellow...I would slap down my hard earned cash for one! Before grabber orange came out, i was prone to screaming yellow as well. I actually planned on finding a supercharged Monte Carlo in yellow, but settled for red instead. Thanks a whole lot for the rating and good luck with the NEW, YELLOW wheels! Vroooooom, Vrooooooom!!!

Dec 11th, 2009 @ 1:53 PM

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Damn...That's a lot of sigs 


Thank you ...I have had alot of freinds from many sites do those for me and i just collected them LOL

Dec 11th, 2009 @ 12:55 PM

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Your a DAWG!   

What up Dave!  Thanks for those kind words.  I wouldn't expect anything less from my stang show amego.  How's the car running these days?  Are we still doing the New Years Day, Tour de Orange?

you miss-spelled amigo you gringo!  Maybe we should let fnhotv6 play along too!  Mustang is running good,,, just don't have the supercharger in it right now,,, but very soon Brian, you'll here me passing your house while your hiding in your garage wearing a yellow bow tie

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