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Just Got a 1969 Boss 302 (no pics yet)

blogFriday, February 01, 2013 @ 1:20 PM

Been working on my third novel in my "Immortal Relations" Series and I have a Book Signing tomorrow afternoon at Hastings Books here in Abilene for books one and two of the series! I jut bought a 1969 Boss 302 that has an engine problem, but is otherwise pretty straight. Trying to decide if I want to just do a mild rebuild to keep it stock, stroke it out, or pull the Boss 302 and drop in a Boss 429 I can get or go ape and do a TurboCharged Coyote Motor in it. No pictures yet but will post them as "car #3 on the site when I can (I posted a few of the Studebaker pickup we were working on but been too busy to finish it - it has the 289 stroked to 332 from my 66 'Stang before we put the Dart Iron-Eagle in her). Probably finish it this Summer after my third book is published.

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Show Some Respect for the Person You are Challanging on a Face-Off

blogThursday, May 11, 2006 @ 12:45 PM

I'd checked the Face-Offs last night before I went to bed, but didn't see my son Tribalstang had been challanged. When I saw it this AM, there were less than 2 hours remaining! I called & asked Tribal if he'd been contacted, but he knew nothing about it! While it's currently "legal" to "blind side" someone on face-off, I think its dirty pool-especially if challangers wait til late! This "Midnight Banditry" in an effort to have the thing over before others can see & vote isn't fair in my book! I've removed my cars from regular face-offs & Ill advise Tribal to do the same until something is done to have the person being challanged get notified & accept in advance! It's not sour grapes as I won the "mystery challange" done to me and Tribal tied on his...I just don't think the current method is a friendly way to do the thing!

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I'm not real sure what a "Blog" is but think its a way to express opinions

blogTuesday, May 02, 2006 @ 11:48 PM
I'm not real sure what a "Blog" is but think its a way to express opinions. If thats right, then here is my opinion (one of many) about hotrods, custom cars, muscle cars, etc.  As some of you know, I write for a "car magazine", in that capacity I attend MANY car/truck/bike shows in the Texas/Oklahoma area. I've seen & taken pictures of many, many vehicles & submitted hundreds of articles (most of which have been published).  I love to see unique and creative thinking in the construction of vehicles, so I have a "bone to pick" with those who follow the cookie-cutter-crowd and just stick a Chebby 350/350 in everything they are working on!
Common, guys & gals...custom cars, hotrods & muscle cars should be a way to show your own unique creativity. If you have a 33 Chevy Coupe/Roadster/Sedan/or Truck, sure go ahead and install a Chebby engine & tranny (but why not a Stovebolt 6 with two carbs or a new 6-liter FI versions with the new computerized O.D. Automatic or better yet a 6-speed)! I've seen enough 350 dual-center exhaust port engines to last me the rest of my life! Unless they have some VERY unique features, I won't take pictures of them anymore...just TOO COMMON, doesn't show ANY immagination!  For owners of Fords, PLEASE DON'T STUFF a 350 Chebby under that hood...PLEASE!!  Ford now makes VERY FINE crate motors and if you REALLY want to show some creativity use a MODULAR 4.6/5.4/or one of the new Modular 5.0's (have you seen the new version that comes with the Eight-Injectors Tubes that stick up...WOW!!) PUT THAT in your engine BAY and I'll try to get it on the MAGAZINE COVER!!
I've even seen (and have pictures of) a 35 CHEBBY SEDAN with a 429 FORD Engine! I love to stand off to the side & watch people walk by, glancing at the engine, I'll then ask them if they know what engine is in there?  That gets them to turn and look again...and again...and they rarely can identify it (after all, this area REALLY IS CHEBBY COUNTRY)! When I tell 'em the Chebby is powered by a 429 Cobra Jet FORD w/C-6 Tranny...they look like they expect the World to start spinning in reverse!! Like the commercial says, "Attending the Car Show - $10,...Watching folks look at the 35 Chebby Sedan - free,...Seeing the look on their faces when they find out it has a FORD ENGINE - PRICELESS!
Now I'm NOT saying I want to see all Camaros with 460 Ford Engines (although one would sure be a show-stopper), but as I've said before...lets be a little bit creative when building something and not just blindly go along with what EVERYONE ELSE has already done! I've seen a really fine 34 Ford Sedan that had a stroked 5.8 Fuel Injected Ford Crate Engine, that was rare enough around here, but one that was also done with F.I. was REAL UNCOMMON!
I love to see Ford Powerplants in Ford and Chrysler Powerplants in Chrysler products or if folks just have to go with a different make of engine, a 426 Hemi looks good in a 32 Ford Roadster (but so does a 4.6 or 5.4 4V). I've often thought of using a Supercharged Studebaker engine in a Ford Sedan, something I'm not going to see at every show (I'm not against engine swaps, just want some creativity)! This is just my opinion, but maybe it will generate some thought!
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