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updated: Jan 18th 2007 @ 08:28 PM
                              2005 SUPERCHARGED MUSTANG GT             






Mods to my 05 GT


20" TSW Seven Heaven Wheels
Nitto 275/30/20 Extreme 555 rear
Nitto 255/30/20 Extreme 555 front
Saleen Valve stem & caps
Full Saleen urethane body kit
Saleen back flow exhaust system
Saleen Underdrive pulley set
Twin screw Saleen SuperCharger & Intercooler set
Steeda Cold Air Intake
39# Cobra Fuel injectors
SCT 93 Octane Tune
Dyno Tuned on Dyno Jet/Performance Autosport
Custom Decals
Satin Nickel Steering wheel
Satin Nickel dash overlay
Satin Nickel Passenger side air bag assmbly
Saleen Floor mats






This my 2005 GT Mustang, ordered in October of 2004 & deliver dec 27 2004. Upon deliver I immediately started ordering parts for my conversion.First I took those puiny tires off and put BFG G-force 255/50/17 ZR. Much better This would hold me over for a couple of weeks until I found the wheels that were goning to set the car in motion for its transition. I found that TSW 7 Heaven 20"x 9.5 was the ticket. the tire match was Nitto 275/30/20 Extreme  for the rear & 255/30/20 for the front for a slight stagger. I then put the single 10" blaze with pin stripe over the car and 3" rocker panel stripe to finish it off. While waiting for my wheels & tires to arrive. I conacted the people at Saleen about the possibility of getting the full body kit for the New 2005 model that they were going to start selling in May of 05. I was told that they would not even consider orders until Febuary 1 05. So with great anticipation I had to start elsewhere. I swaped out the dash and sterring wheel for the satin nickel finish which was supposed to be in my car anyway. but was not due to the short lived law suit about the my color dash. Dec2005. the manufacturer did however give me all the satin parts but still no my colors display. I went under the hood for some bolt ons as well. First I put the Steeda Cold Air Intake on Then put the SCT predator tune to the car. First tune was at an 89 octane rating. After two pulls at my friend Mark Lamaskins shop Performance Auto Sport on his Dyno jet. We recieved a fairly respectable 264 HP W/ 257 foot pounds torque. This was respectable however not wait I was looking for. After burning remaining 89 octane out. We dumped 93 octane in her and reset the tune  for the 93. Which did impresively increase HP to 270 and torque to 264. Not bad for a 10 cent increase in gas per gallon. On to the strip the car ran a consistant 13.40s at a best mile per hour being 106.4. Still searching though. Wheels & tires showed up, slapped those puppies on. And yes they were perfect for this car. I was getting lots of looks before with this being one of the first Gts on the road around the Richmond area. But these wheels really turned the car on. Placed my order for the Saleen Body kit and new back flow Saleen exhaust.It took about a monthto get the parts. We started immediatelty striping the car down. There were a few problems with the kit that cased some delays . there was no template for the rear fascia. Saleen quikly sent them on. no liscense plate light, again saleen sent quikly. the only other problem was that the side skirts were not a perfect match. However with a little fabrication  this was remedied as well. All parts were installed and the car was ready for the paint bay. Dam this thing was looking good. With the local dealer involved the paint was perfect & we had built our own Saleen two months ahead of Saleens projected May 2005 deliver date. The sound of this car is awesome with the new exhaust. Heads Are really turning now. With the outside complete. We go back under the hood and install Saleen under drive pulleys. This is a good choice. we pick up another 9 HP. I am very satisfied with what has transpired in these few months. Still aching for more HORSE POWER though. The car runs & handles like nothing I have ever owned. But a Saleen Supercharger must be included to get me me where I want to be. So guess what? I ordered the Saleen Supercharger . Again My buds at performance Autosport Have the solution. Mark  is lucky enough to have one the Guru's of Mustang performance working right here in Richmond. Don Rostitch ! 


With Don's flawless install & Marks tune on the Dyno jet this beast is now pushing 378 Rear wheel HP & 361 Foot pounds of  torque. For those of you who like magazine Horse Power that equates to about 444 HP at the crank and 433 foot pounds torque. All with only 5 pounds of boost. I did have to take the Saleen under drive pulleys back off for the Supercharger to work. Also we did find that the car was running out of fuel @ 4500 rpms so we ramped up the injectors to 39# cobra injectors. This Car sizzles now. I have driven the 2007 Supercharged S281 and it does not stand a chance against this car. Don't get me wrong the Supercharged S281 is AWESOME . I believe it is the tune that possibly gives it the difference. But lets compare the 58,000.00 for the  SC281 to my SC/GT 281 @ 41800.00. I am so taken by the Steve Saleen design, that I had to go out and buy an original 2002 S281 Speedster. But that is another story. Needless to say I am hooked    Page 1 Has Not Yet Been Created

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Ranked ya nice car

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got ya ranked. stop by and check out my 03 GT when you get a chance.

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got ya ranked. sweet stang.plz return the favor. if you get a chance check out n4arides site.

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