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1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

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My Project "Sleeper" LX

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"Her Story"

After a three year duty assignment with 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa Japan, my wife and I received orders to transfer to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Upon our arrival we immediately started searching for a second vehicle. I never would have thought we would find a Fox Body Mustang... let alone, a 5.0 that hadnít been beaten into the ground.

After a week of searching, we had almost given up hope, (Used vehicles in our area have pretty high resale values) when we came across the Forrest Green 92 LX that we now own.

The previous owner was selling it because "he wanted to get into bikes, it was a new hobby."

With only minor paint damage on the hood and a leaky sunroof, it didnít look to bad, and with upgrades already installed, our minds were pretty much made up. I honestly donít think that the price mattered too much at that point, unless of course it was just too expensive, but with a sale price of $3500.00, my wife and I gladly took it off his hands. His Loss!

I have many plans for our LX, including a 393W engine swap, a Vortech Supercharger, and many others. I have listed the current Performance Specifics below, as well as my future plans for the car. I personally feel that with a little TLC we'll be blowing the doors off of anything Chevy in no time at all.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this site.

Please be patient with this site, as it is still undergoing construction. I am a new member.

Current Set-Up

Engine :

-Stock 302 Short Block
-Ported Stock Heads w/ FRPP 1.6 Roller Rockers
-FRPP E303 Roller Camshaft
-Ported Lower / Stock Upper Intake Manifold w/ BBK 3/8" Spacer
-FRPP 19 lbhr Injectors
-BBK Fender Well Mount Cold Air Intake Kit
-BBK Shorty Headers
-Custom H-Pipe
-High Flow Cats
-Flowmaster 40 Series Dual Exhaust
-MSD Distributor w/ Ford Racing Spark Plug Wires
-BBK Underdrive Pullies
-Bosch Platinum 2 Plugs

Transmission :

-Ford AOD

Chassis :

-Stock (so far)

Suspension :

-Steeda Springs
-Bilstein Shocks

Future Plans

Engine : "In the works"

-Coast High Performance 393W Short Block w/ Probe SRS Blower Dish Top Forged Pistons- These pistons will have Valve reliefs cut into them, as well as gas ports and will be coated with both a Thermal barrier coating (piston head) and anti friction coating (piston sleeve) by Calico. Engine Block will be high temp painted Competition Orange.
-World Products Roush 200 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads- these heads will be stage three ported and polished by Fox Lake Racing to provide maximum flow characteristics, while maintaining emission legal status. They will include 2.02" Intake / 1.600" Exhaust Valves, 64cc cumbustion chambers, and will utilize FRPP 1.7 Roller Rockers. Heads will be high temp painted Competition Orange.
-World Products Zinz coated Roush Racing Valve Covers.
-Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Roller Camshaft- Lift: .544/.544, Duration @ .050: 232/244, LSA: 112.
-Trick Flow 5.8L EFI Intake Manifold- This manifold is actually intended for use in trucks, however the runner design is optimal for high RPM's. Intake manifold will be extrude honed by Fox Lake Racing and port matched to the cylinder heads.
-Vortech Supercharger (9 PSI)
-3 Core Intercooler
-75mm Throttle Body
-FRPP 30 lbhr Injectors
-Aeromotive Complete Fuel System
-75mm MAF
-MSD Ingnition System and Billet Distributor.
-MAC 1 3/4" Long Tube Headers
-MSD Plug Wires
-Bosch Platinum 4 Plugs

-To many parts to list, I am paying attention to every detail. HP goal: 700+!!!

Transmission :

Performance Automatic Street Smart AOD w/ 2400 stall rate converter.

Chassis :

Note: All Chassis and Suspension components are made by or available through Steeda Autosports.

-QA1 Tubular K-Member w/ G-Trac Bar
-QA1 Tubular Lower Control Arms
-5 Link 2 Complete Rear Suspension System
-Zinz Coated Tubular Subframe Conectors
-351W Conversion Strut Tower Brace
-Hatchback & Coupe Rollbar
-Bumpsteer Kit w/ X2 Ball Joints

Suspension :

-Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Front Drag Struts
-Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Rear Drag Shocks
-Heavy Duty Quad Shocks
-Drag Racing Springs w/ Polyurethane Spring Isolators

Wheels / Brakes :

-FRPP 17x8 Black Bullitt Front Wheels
-FRPP 17x9 Deep Dish Black Bullitt Rear Wheels
-FRPP Cobra 5-Lug Disc Brake Conversion w/ Baer Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors, and SSBC Force 10 Red Powder Coated front and Rear Calipers

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