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updated: May 13th 2010 @ 09:09 PM


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Well here is a pic. It is a bit rough shape. But as I get more done, pics will follow.


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One from behind.

UPDATES Soon. You will see some of the spreading cancer she has and hope fully some of the new engine i have been working on.


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Well this one you can see it is getting rough around the edges. It is had to do anything without a garage to work in.

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This one is for what it looks like now.

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And this is a little collection. There is one or two items there that can not be found now days.
            Here is a shot of hihosilvers mustang and mine.
            Sorry for not responding to you all for ranking me. I will have some new pics up of the almost complete engine. time and money, this car is a money pit. But i still love her!


             Here is a shot of the almost complete motor.


                                     14 MAY 06  Ok here is the final shot, I am Really sorry about not replaying to alot of you for who voted for me i will be trying to get you back. as soon as i can right now I am in the middle of buying a house. i after i move i think i will have more time to write back and vote for all of those who voted for me.

            7 Oct. 06 Hello I am just about to put my stang in it's new home.so i will start the pic taking at that point.             
        19 july 07 Well it is slow progess i am finally on the tear down part. i hope to have udate pics here sortly.
        Hey I know it has been about 2 years. I might be getting rid of the 69. It will cost to much money to fix the rusted out frame. But I will think about what am I really going to do. I am also do not have the time to work on it right now. so thank you to every one for your views on this web site.
well here is a update i finally got to work on it got the trans out. next is the motor this weekend.

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