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  At 16 I made myself a 5.0 promise.....

Back in the Day; the 5.0 promise
In 1998, at 16 years old, I drove a red '89 5sp 4cyl LX,  My dad would not let me have a 5.0.  I was very attached to this car, and I promised myself at 18 I would put a 5.0 in the car one day.  But, before that day could come along...I left the car behind when I moved out of state at 17 years old.
Next level fueled by success of the swap
In 2008 it became apparent the 5.0 donor engine had seen better days, still pushing 201 hp to the wheels in an auto didn't matter if it was smoking enough to fog my windows. I had a decision to make...rebuild my original 5.0 or do a crate engine....I think back to the 5.0 swap and decide that I could do this myself...and I threw all regard to actual skills out the window and hoped for the best.
"....I stripped the block ordered nothing but the best parts and put my spirit on the line for the most risky modification yet...a complete performance rebuild..."
In July of 2009 I turned the key again for the first time....and my engine roared to life.. I was estatic...now I reflect back and realize the path I've taken over the past 11 years..it took allot of emotion and devotion to my first mustang and the 5.0 promise to make me take things to the levels I have...having no regard to my skill levels when I set my goals...I'm certainly glad love is blind.                -nb 7/28/09
When love and motivation meet
Years later in 2003 I sought out another 4 cyl mustang, I found a 93 and it happened to be red.  Slowly I restored the 4 cyl and sucessfully (in a back yard garage)  swaped to a 5.0 in 2006.
I think back and I know that at the end of the day, I'm glad I lost the car at 17....because I revisited the whole 5.0 swap idea later in life when I really had the resources to pull it off...not only that, but I had more reason to go through with it (girl or not)
Magazine Apearances:


 MM; October 2007 (p 64-65) /  Modified Mustangs; June 2008 (p 94-98)

GT body kit -Ford Original Parts
Mach I 1.5" Fiberglass Hood
Repainted Ford Color Electric Current Red
Black Side Scoops
Saleen Spoiler
Black Vinyl "mustang GT" inserts
Restored Side Mirrors
Restored Belt & Roof Moldings
New Door Handles
Shorty Antenna
3 Pc Diamond Cut UltraClear Headlights
Black Beauty Fogs
3M Black GT inserts
16" ROH Snyper Rims
Yokohama Tires
Gotstang Decals
"4NOMORE" Vanity plate
"4 no more" Fender Badges
Interior Trim
84 GT Seats
Custom leather/suade
"4 no more" Custom Embroidery
Rare "Original Black" SVO Headrests with Netting
Saleen Gauges (200mph)
Billet A/C Knobs
Custom Aluminum Ashtray Cover
Pony Mats
Custom Painted Door Handle Bezels
Head Unit
Eclipse CD/MP3 w/ 3 sub outs
JL Audio 1000 w Mono Sub Amp
10" 3 3/8" mount Kenwood Excelons subs
Built w/ Love Fiberglass Enclosures (primer)
Components -Highs
Kenwood Component Speakers
Kenwood Crossovers
Eclipse 500 w Component Amp 


Under The Hood:
Engine  (non performance)
PolyGraphite/ Cadmium Plated Steel Motor Mounts
Aluminum High-Flow Water Pump
Jegs Aluminum Timing Cover
Chrome Oil Pan
Black Powdercoat heater tube
BBK Valve Covers
Hose Wizard R-134a A/c kit
Polished a/c and Accumulator
Black wiremesh covered a/c lines
95 Amp Polished Alternator
Polished Tensioner
Hand Polished Power Steering pump
Chrome Power Steering Pump Cap & Neck
Black powdercoat Accessory Brackets
Chrome Washer Fluid Cap
Chrome Wiper Motor Cover
Aluminum Brake Resevoir Cover & Chrome Cap
Hatch mounted battery & Taylor Battery box
Engine  (Performance)
302 85k mi (1987) (installed stock 2006)
Bored to 306 at 4.03
AFR 165 SBF Street/Strip Heads
Comp cams Xe266Hr
Comp Cams hydraulic lifters
Comp Cams 6.25" hardened pushrods
Probe Fordged Dish Pistons
H-Beam Fordged Connecting Rods
Trickflow 1.7 rockers
 Mac UnderDrive Pullies
Hedman Black Painted Unequal Headers
Ford Racing 19lb Injectors (not big enough!)
Stainless Fuel Lines
Russell Braided Fuel Lines
255 lph Holly Fuel Pump
 274 HP  286 TQ
201 HP  252 TQ  (when stock)
Cobra GT-40 Polished Upper/Lower
BBK 70MM Throttle Body
Adaco performance DBX97 90mm MAF
Anderson Motorsports Powerpipe
Ford Racing 9mm wires
Chrome Wire Separators
Summit Billet Distributor
Chrome billet dizzy hold down
MSD 6AL Ignition box
MSD streetfire coil
And More Mods...
AJE Racing Tubular A-Arms
w Spring Cups
Tokico Rear Shocks
KYB Stuts* (Swapped 4cyl part)
MM Strut Tower Brace
MM Caster Camber Plates
MM Sway Bar Links
Eibach Pro Springs
Staying Cool
Aluminum Tranny Cooler
Braided Tranny lines  
Canton Aluminum Overflow
Chrome Overflow Cap Cover
CoolFlex  Radiator Hose
Electric Fan w/ temp adjust
Aluminum Shroud
Aluminum 2 row radiator
B&M Hammer Shifter
AOD Rebuilt w/ Shift Kit
1500 rpm stall Torque Converter

...waiting on install
8.8 rear (restored Aug '09)
3.73 Ford Racing Gears

Flowmaster Force II
w/ 3 Chamber Mufflers
Jegs Off-Road X-pipe

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