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The Tribalstang

updated: Jun 5th 2007 @ 10:20 AM
Heres the most recent pics I have of Charlotte.  This was taken Around May 1st 07.  Notice I have replaced the old taillights and headlamps and taken it back to the originals.  Looks better in my opinion.
Here she is with Dads (thecarphotoguys) Roush.....Nicest asses I have seen...lol.
Open up and Say AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Her is a side shot of her the same day.  I did the Claybar and Washed and waxed with the Meguires Gold.  Good stuff.
Heres a little bit of Houston Racing Video for yall!....this video is computer animated...of course ; )  In the first race I get sideways and had to get out of it against my freinds white foxbody, the second race is the white foxbody who loses to  another freinds SS camaro, The third race is an example of me freighttraining the SS.  Funny thing is that me and my buddies didn't even know each other before this.  The Foxbody is running cams and a 150 shot, the SS has the basic bolt ons (lid, headers, exhaust...etc) and a 100 shot. 
BTW...wanna play a fun game?  Use this referal link and enjoy the fun!  http://criminalcountry.com/register.php?REF=7438

I figured I would do some updating since I have been doing allot of work on the Tribalstang.
She is Dynoed at 720rwhp at the moment on the Juice and at 658.4 rwhp on just motor.  I am constantly working on making her either faster or more beautiful.  A current Mod list is available at the bottom of this page.
Here is the way she looks as of 10/26/06. 
I got the Saleen front bumper and GTR1 rear bumper installed as well as the Saleen side gills. 
A small burnout for you.....TIRE SMOKE FOREVER!!!!

Heres a pic of the last Dyno run I pulled.  

Here is my Tournament Trophy,  Im very proud of this....
WOW!!! LOOK ANOTHER ONE!!!!  Thanks to everyone at Gotstang for the votes!  This is awsome!!!!

The photos below are from the Yellow Rose of Texas Car Show which I won first place in the Modified Class recently.

A picture of Charlotte looking all fine...

The new Stitching and Blue Suede inserts done by Mansfeild Auto Trim.   GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

A look from my point of view.  Blue Carbon Fiber inserts and Gauges to match the Flamejob.  Looks good from where Im sitting!

Heres a picture of the Bassani Shorties we installed, the original plan was for long tubes, but after waisting 2 sets trying to bend them in a way they could fit we finally decided that it would be best to go with the shorties....

Heres a shot taken right after the Innovations West Balancer was Installed.....

This was taken right after we shoehorned the Big Engine in the the engine bay and hooked it up to the (then Stock) radiator which proved to not cool enough, quite a tight squeeze.  If you compare to the 4.6 32v cobra motor you will notice that the heads of the 5.4 32v are almost resting on the wheel wells......not much room to work, but determination always prevails......

Heres a picture of the initial Supercharger install about 4 days after we wedged the Navigator 5.4 32v in the bay.......

This is the Engine Bay after my Dad (Thecarphotoguy) and I spent Hours Detailing it.....(WHEW!)   Notice the Blue Valve Covers.  Kinda looks like the same ones that are on the Ford GT supercar huh?....that's cause they are! 

Just before the detailing.......
Here is what it looked like before I installed the intercooler and the valve covers.
Ever seen a spitting Cobra???  HAHAHA!  The purge is set up to come out of the Cobra Emblems mouths on both sides of the car.....

This is how she looks before the Drags  If you want a peice of her...better be able to do a 1/4 in better than a 10.54 @ 129mph......still have traction issues.  Even on the big slicks I am spinning and fishtailing all the way to the 60ft mark.  Further suspension mods are comming.  Looking for High 9s.

Here are some vanity shots of Charlotte on a nice summer day at the park up the street from my old house.....
Spread out like the great state of Texas... lol. 

Just a random pic that I have always liked of Charlotte.  We all have a pic of our car that we just fancy cause we think it looks cool right?


Just a couple more of her that I took at my buddies place......

Doesnt this look cool?.....(Pun totally intentional)

Hooters Girls love guys who drive Mustangs......lol.  This is when I took first place at the Local Hooters Carshow in Houston  WAY before I met my soon to be wife....(I love you baby \"smile\"   )

5.4 DOHC  330 cid
Four MODMAX cams
Forged H- beam rods
Forged and Dished Pistons 8.5:1 compression 
60 lb injectors
Vortech V2-SQ Supercharger Running 12lbs of boost.
100 wet shot N.O.S.  kit
REVOLUTIONS chip Tuned By Slater of Slaters Mustangs Houston.
Innovations West Harmonic Balancer
Bassani Shortie Headers
Bassani X-pipe
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator
Spin tech 2 1/2 inch side exhausts
T-56 Viper Spec 6sp w/ straight gears.
Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
Spec Stage III kevlar CLutch
Mosser 31 spline rear axle
3:73 gears
Brembo Front Brake Upgrade
Cross Drilled and Slotted Rear Rotors
Nitto 555R Drags on the back, Toyos up front  (MT Drags for the strip on Weld Prostars)
Cosmetic mods to date....
Saleen Front Bumper
GTR1 rear bumper 
Saleen side vents
Cobra R Spoiler
Custom seats With Lettering by Mansfeild Auto Trim
Custom Blue Carbon Fiber dash inserts
Paintjob and flames (no those aren't decals) done by Anderson Brothers Custom Paint in Huntsville Texas.
18 inch 03 Chrome Cobras
Audio Mods...
Three 10 inch Rockford Fosgate Punch in the trunk with PLENTY of Juice to do HEAVY METAL some Justice!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading about her as much as I love driving her..........
and now......the best Music EVA!

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check out new pics of newly painted stang sweet real flame paint job.

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