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VenumGurl vs YsOffcr

updated: Jul 25th 2008 @ 10:29 PM


1997  White  Cobra Mustang
 A True Gem in the Rough

  FACE - OFF with YsOffcr   Who Do You think WOULD WIN THIS ONE??  ME!

       Me Smiling.....     and            That's Right, RUN LITTLE BOY!
My 1st Cobra                               Grill Emblem



 10th Anniversary Present
This makes up for all the ones WE Forgot!
My 1st Club     Red Mustang Club        I started with YsOffcr
The Frontal View  

  Side Profile 
 Before                              &                                  After

 Rear View 
     Before                &                     After
A view under My hood...              A look under YsOffcr's hood...
 I WIN! 
She has been Very, Very Abused by her former Owners
A quick view of the interior          Driver seat has been cut up
I plan to Re-build her and make her NEW again
Open for all to see  
View underneath... Looks Bad Now
Baby getting her well deserved bath


My Baby getting her 1st new tires

Both of Our Stangs together!
   The Best Pulled Pork BBQ in Chesapeake!
They also offer a wide variety of other items like SEAFOOD, Pasta, Specialty
Sandwiches & Wraps, Salads, Soups & Special Dinner Entree's!
They also offer items called Fat Bastard Quesadillas & a Big Ass Brownie.
and yes, that is what they are called!

This is the Amy!  She & Her Husband Own & Run Angry Chef!
They Now Offer Breakfast and Delivery! 
More Pic's to come.....
Of me kicking YsOffcr's ASS!
and then:
When  is  the  Wedding....

The  Honey  Moon  has  already  started! 
Mods at time I got Her

-4.10 rear gears
-Eibach Sportline lowering springs
-MAC cold air kit
-Caster/camber plates
-Mac Catbacks
-Cobra grille emblem
-Off road H-pipe
-Mil eliminators
-Rear bumper insert
-Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
-MGW shift knob
-'98 Cobra wheels
-Cross drilled and slotted front rotors
-Strut tower brace removed
Mods done after I got Her Home

-KYB shocks and struts (still had originals)
-FR500 steering wheel
-FRPP aluminum driveshaft
-Replaced Mil Eliminators 
-Fixed the Mach 460 Sound System
-New King Cobra clutch
-Steeda Adj Clutch Cable, Quadrant, and Firewall Adj
-UPR billet "Cobra" gas door
-Smoked Cobra headlights
-Smoked foglights
-Cobra Medallion
-Black interior swap started
-HPM subframe connectors
-Granatelli upper & lower control arms
-HPM Subframe Connectors 
Mods soon to come 
-New Interior  -  Already Started - Need to find Seats
-Change to 6 speed
-Supercharger  or  Turbo
-Steeda Strut Tower Brace
-Sequential Taillight Kit
-Saleen Front Facia
-Cobra R Wing  or
-Steeda Wing 
Just to name a few..... 

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Last 3 User Comments
Dec 1st, 2010 @ 1:41 PM


I like the red fox body the best.....LOL Great looking stable of stangs!

Jun 20th, 2010 @ 10:12 AM

“” Very clean. I got you  ranked. I painted my 67 and pics are up. Come by and check them out

Aug 23rd, 2008 @ 1:37 AM


thanks for stopping by my page... when you say Chesapeake, do you mean Virginia? i'm over in norfolk... we should hang out sometime... the Sn95 body style is badass! car is nice and clean... good luck with all your mods...


come check out www.46stangs.com   sometime, My SN there is the same as here (BadBlack95GT) there are a few of us from the norfolk area(assuming thats the Chesapeake you're talking about) it's a new forum, with a good group of members who are about modding their stangs, and having fun.

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