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Job Spetter Jr. from Turbo People tuned this car...kind of. It got 1 pull; he cut it short at 5600 rpm because the car was making too much boost for the stock short block (18lbs).  Just for reference, this run was the base run and the car was on a very mild, basic tune. The results, well...barely tuned and cutting it short of redline, the car made 483 RWHP and 455ft/lbs TQ...and the horsepower curve was still climbing up the graph. From the looks of it, the car would have made about 510 RWHP at redline. At one point Job actually said he could have got 600 RWHP out of it if he were able to tune it as it sat without breaking anything. I just got done putting the serpentine setup on the supercharger and it's a lot more "user friendly" now. I can't wait to see what kind of power this car makes when it's tuned to peak!

5 Liter Import Eater:
1988 Mustang LX Hatchback

  Performance Mods:
-Bone Stock 93 Cobra Short Block with 27,000 Original Miles
-Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Aluminum Heads
-1.72 Ford Motor Sport Roller Rockers
-Mac 1 " Full Length Headers
-3" Prochamber H-pipe
-Flowmaster Cat-Back (now running dumps because of the anti-roll bar)
-Vortech S-trim Supercharger (18lbs of boost...probably a bit less now with the serp setup)
-Vortech Race By-pass Valve
-Anderson Ford 4 inch Power-pipe
-Accel Gen 7 DFI Computer (tuned by Job Spetter Jr. of Turbo People; the same person who tuned "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge's 7 second Notch)
-Trick Flow Track Heat Upper/Lower Intake
-1" Phenolic Intake Spacer
-Professional Products 75mm Polished Throttle Body/EGR Spacer
-Ultradyne Cam(284/284/-525-525)
-Motorsport Doulbe Roller Timing Chain
-MSD 6AL Ingnition
-MSD Distributor
-MSD Blaster SS Coil
-Taylor 10.4mm Race Wires
-NGK Race Spark Plugs
-Edelbrock High-flow Aluminum Water Pump
-Fluidamper Damper
-Downs 3 Core Aluminum Radiator
-Aeromotive A1000 In Line Fuel Pump(hidden in front of the fuel tank)
-72lb Injectors
-Modified Fuel Rails
-Paxton Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines
-PA Performance 100 amp Alternator
-PA Performance High Torque Mini-starter w/upgraded wiring
-Battery Relocation Kit
-Optima Red Top Battery
-Moroso Shut-off Switch(cut through the rear liscence plate)
-Tremec Base Model T-5(brand new, but i don't know how long it's going to last, lol)
-Polyurethane Trans Mount
-King Cobra Clutch
-Adjustable clutch quadrant(firewall)
-Aluminum Flywheel
-Pro 5.0 Shifter
-3" Aluminum Driveshaft
-Driveshaft Safety Loop
-Eibach 1.5" Lowering springs
-Wolfe Racecraft Heavy Duty Anti-roll Bar (installed by Tim at Coast Chassis Design, now moving to Florida)
-KYB AGX 8 Way Adjustable Rear Shocks
-KYB 4 Way Adjustable Front Struts
-QA1 Adjustable Caster/Camber Plates
-BBK Gripp Upper/Lower Rear Control Arms
-Reinforced Torque Boxes
-Strange 31 spline Axles w/extended Studs
-4:10 Gears(soon to be raplaced with 3:55's)
-Dunlop W rated 265/40 17" Tires(just ordered them, not on yet)

  Appearance Mods:
-Boysenberry Blue Paint(it's more purple than blue...I don't know why they call it that)
-Cervinis 2.5" Cowl Hood
-17" Gunmetal Cobra R Rims
-6 Piece Smoked Headlights
-Indiglo Gauges With Custom Satin Black Painted Overlay(makes each gauge look seperate)
-Grant Wood Steering Wheel(adds a slightly retro-mod look to it)
-Flaming Pony Dash Plaque(had to buy the 94+ grill to get it)
-20% Tint All Around With Tint Across Top Windshield
-HVAC Vents Painted Gloss Black
-Bullit Shift Knob
-Shift Bezel/HVAC Control Cover Painted Gloss Black
-Pony Emblem Above 5.0 Emblems
-95 GT Grey Cloth Front Seats(way lighter than stock power lumbar seats)
-Ventshade Rain Guards
-Black Chrome Fire Extinguisher w/custom Painted Lime Flames
-Steeda Aerospoiler(in the mail)
-Black Carpet(also in the mail)

-Autometer Dash Mount Tach Pod
-Autometer Triple A Pillar Gauge Pod
-Autometer 5" Tach w/Shift Light
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge
-Autometer Water Temp Gauge
-Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
-Autometer Fuel Level Gauge
-Pioneer CD Player
-Sylvania Hyper White Headlight Bulbs
I plan on getting an Alpine MP3 CD player, Infinity Component 6.5" speakers for the doors/dash and amping all the speakers up(otherwise I won't hear shit! lol)

  Future Plans:
-Nitto/Mickey Thompson? 275/40 17" Drag Radials
-Low Compression Forged 306 Short Block
-MMR Modified Tremec TKO(capable of 900hp)
-Spec Clutch
-Lakewood Shatterproof Bellhousing
-MMR Rear Girdle With Drain/Fill Plugs
-3:55 Gears(for better street/highway manners)
-C Clip Eliminators
-6pt Cage
-Smooth Cowl Cover
-Re-paint(same color)

The car I got my motor from was a 93 LX Notch that was built as a full drag car.  It had a 10pt NHRA certified cage, Level 10 AOD trans capable of 750hp, 4400 stall converter, full drag suspension and a ton of other goodies.  When I took the motor out for my car the notch was running consistant 10.60's/70's at the upper 120mph range and ran a best of 10.49 @ 129mph.  Since then, the motor's been modified even more with the new DFI computer/tune, bigger injectors, new upper/lower intake and spacer, bigger throttle body and egr spacer(everything on the top end is port matched), new MSD box, new MSD Coil, A1000 Fuel Pump, and a few other odds and ends.  Now I know my car isn't setup for full drag, I wanted a street car, so I probably won't be quite as fast as the notch would have been, but I'm hoping for at least a low 11/high 10 second 1/4 mile.

Story Behind The Car:
This is the third time, that's tight, third time I've owned this exact same car.  It started off as the second car I ever owned.  I bought it late my senior year of high school(April 2001).  When I first got it, it had 85,000 original miles and had all the basic bolt-ons. I actually taught myself how to drive it the night of senior prom because I was too impatient to wait for lessons and I wanted to arrive in style, lol,(I had never driven stick before that).  Soon after, in October 2001, I traded the car for a 88 Firebird Formula, 305 TBI, automatic...eeeeww!  I regretted it every day. I used to drive by the guy's house who I traded it to just to see how it was. When I finally decided I missed driving a Mustang and wanted another one, the guy I traded the car to said he was selling it for $2300 with a blown motor.  I then bought the car for the second time.  Because I planned on modifying the hell out of it, I dumped $4000 into rebuilding the motor with forged internals(JE pistons, Eagle rods, Scat crank).  After over a month of waiting and a bunch of bullsh*t problems, I got it back...only to find that they didn't rebuild the heads...ASSHOLES!!  At higher RPMs it would float the valves and lose power like it was out of breath.  I couldn't afford to fix it, and the synchros in the tranny were feeling sketchy, so i sold it...again. I kept in touch with my friend who I sold it to and in August of 04, he told me he was selling it.  He spent well over $12k fixing/modifying everything in the car, but wanted to keep his motor. He told me if I found him a modded 87-93 Mustang coupe, he'd trade and we could swap motors.  So, I found a 10 second Vortech blown Notch, traded him and took the 10 second motor and fuel system for this car.  Now my car's home to stay and badder than ever!


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Nice ride!! Ranked ya. Please rank me back when you have a sec.

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got ya ranked.great looking stang.plz return the fav and if you can check out n4aride's site to.

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Great Looking Fox Fastback!  stop by and visit My Page if you have a chance. thanks

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