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Six cylinders need lovin too.

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Welcome to the home of Snakebite
I bought my 04 sixer back in March of 2005 in olympia Washington, after joining the military getting married and not having much money I had to let the 03 cobra go and settle for what I could afford. My wife wanted me to get a family car so I came home with my mustang haha I told her there was no way I could drive a minivan and just dream about my mustang. Im stationed in Germany now and don't have my car its in the care of my younger brother the only thing I could manage to do to it before I left was put in 3.73 ring and pinion gears which work wonderfully on the take off Ill try to update my page as much as possible but I have to get my brother off his butt to clean my car and take pictures first so enjoy what I have and thanks for stopping by.

Take from the front .angle

another front view

100mph and bugs don't mix

3.9l powerhouse

look familiar?

take from the outside looking in
These are a few pictures that ive managed to find ill get some more and post them on a weekly basis. hope you enjoyed some of these pictures.


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Dec 20th, 2008 @ 8:44 AM

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yeah i suppose a beagle and fiberglass don't mix, sorry for the late reply, but things have been hectic around here and im just getting back on here, anyways I like the stang, and got you ranked, I still have tons to do on mine but unfortunatly i can't right now cause im stuck in germany and my car awaits me back in missouri, but when i was home i put a K&N CAI in and a Mach 1 grill delete kit, also some billit interior stuff that looked nice.. what sorta headlights do you have those are nice .. hit me back ..

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yeah, u can never go wrong with billit. the headlights are projectors with angel eyes. my wife found them on for me on ebay. theyre the same ones out of mm&ff magazine but 100 bucks cheaper online. these wont yellow out and will always look new and brighter. as far as your front bumper with cobra hood, the steeda package looks nice. it looks basically like cobra r but with gt fog lights and u can just get the splitter. instead of the whole bumper. not a bad way to go. throw the steeda wing out back and its complete. ive thought about going that way with mine but found a good deal on entire kit but undecided whether to keep or get steeda. let me know what u think about the front bumper thats in my pics. by the way, im in a military town and thanks for what u do.

Oct 12th, 2008 @ 8:04 PM


a beagle and fiberglass dont mix. i like the steeda front and rear wing but im not sure what i want to put up there yet. ive never seen one with both like yours but it looks good. i havnt been able to find the comp i got it from and its lower than saleen specs so im being picky about what i get and whether i want to change the color or not. im thinking of pearl white with dark red stripes with ghost flames in the stripes or redoing it like it is. what do u think? also, ill send u a friend request cause im new and have none yet. thanx

Aug 1st, 2008 @ 9:37 AM


I need you guys help in my current face off any votes would be greatly appreciated. STEEDA CORRAL 

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