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Marks 92 fbi pursuit car

updated: Aug 3rd 2007 @ 03:46 PM

1992 FBI Pursuit car
I bought it last year when I was living in Virginia right outside Washington D.C. car sat in government storage is in awsome shape


Original wheels for the car are silver 16 inch ponys.
I put the black ten holes on it.  (I like these)
but I also have 17inch ford factory cobra R's


This picture with my hand in it is a video camera that was in third brake light, for 1992 that is one small camera


This car has caught alot of crap from collector and ssp fans, It is a notchback 5.0 owned by the FBI. there is a small camera in the third brake light, the third brake light has a hole drilled in it and that is where i found it.  I have a copy of the bill of sale from the GSA auctions in Springfield VA, stating the Previous Owning Agency or Reporting Office: Federal Bureau of Investigation

 from what I have gathered is that it was an undercover/survailance car as well as a pursuit car, 

This is a 1992 car owned by the FBI, it was stationed in Washington D.C.. the car has 152,059 miles, the car is in fantastic shape, and has minor mods, bbk springs, max motorsports caster camber plates,spare set of factory cobra r's, cervinis hood, do not have orig hood. flowmaster exhaust and bbk h pipe, have orig h pipe with cats do not have orig cat back. It still has video camera in third brake light,and has some signatures and hand writting in the trunk lid, from where someone did some paperwork on the trunk lid.ash tray is good spring is just off. has stock radio,it runs and shifts awsome, ac blows cold. this car is awsome 
Federal Govt owned mustang  rare  even  more is the camera that is in the third brake light, that is a small camera for 1992!!!!!!!!you will not find that in another undercover car...Not many of these around in this good of shape.
 to suit each law enforcement agency's particular needs. Law enforcement agencies from municipal to government agencies. Many still exist today, either still in some role of law enforcement, from display cars to DARE cars, or in the hands of collectors and racers.

Depending on which agency bought them, extras like rollcages (requested by Oregon State Police) and power windows made each SSP unique to their respective departments. The original configuration of the civilian Mustang with its small rear seat and manual transmission were generally considered ill-suited for a law-enforcement vehicle. A number of Mustang SSP's were of the automatic transmission to free an officers hand from using the manual transmission stick so that he could use the hand for other duties, such as speaking on a radio or grabbing his sidearm.

 This will be the latest addition, 91 coupe

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This makes an awsome desktop background

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Jan 17th, 2008 @ 8:09 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

Aug 1st, 2007 @ 4:38 AM


thats a damn good lookin ssp! we could use u in the ssp club check it out. 10 out of ten man and i added you as my friend.

May 9th, 2007 @ 1:15 PM


SWeet ride dude, I really like the foxes. Got you ranked.

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