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FreeMods (starting with Foglights)
(The Foglight freemod I did works best on Coupes because it uses the previously unused convertible top wiring harness. SN95's for sure, other generations i don't know!)

Step 1: Foglight Re-wire
Step 2: Website/Other Freemods

Foglight Re-wire

This is rewiring the foglight switch to work whenever the car is on, instead of dependent on the headlights being on. Its light having daytime running lights! Only slightly cooler...

Basically, you take the wires from the foglight switch in the center console and splice in the power wire from the convertible top harness which in very near it in under the center console. This power wire is splice to where the foglights power wire was so that its only dependent on the car being on!

I will post the website with the steps rather than try to explain it myself. This did work for me, except the foglights still don't work when the high beams are switched on, so if you know how to fix this, please message me/let others know. Thanks.
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