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Tach & Shift Light Installation/Wiring
(This is how to install a tach and shift light in a 99-04 Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC with individual coils per cylinder.)

Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: What you will need
Step 3: Getting the Job Done!

Getting the Job Done!

Ok. First & foremost. Disconnect the battery before ANY wiring begins. Then Find the location you wish to install your Tach and shift light.

Lets start with the Tach Adapter.

Step One:
There are 4 wires coming from the Autometer Tach Adapter. Red, Red/Green, Black and Grey.

First, find a location to mount the tach adapter. A great location is on the passenger side firewall. (see pictures)

Next, locate the "Main ignition Coil Harness". This harness is located on the passenger side, near the firewall. The harness has a bolt going through it. (Hard to miss it).

Remove the cover. Locate wire/pin #34 (the harness is marked). The wire is either RED, or LT BLUE/WHITE.

Once cut, splice each cut end. Wire the RED wire on the Tach Adapter to the HARNESS side, and the RED/GREEN wire from the tach adapter to the COIL side.

Next, connet the BLACK wire from the adapter to a GROUND.

Next, route the GREY wire from the adapter through the firewall and under the dash (this will be wired a bit later).

Thats it for the adapter!

Step Two:
Wiring the tach. There are 4 wires on the tach. RED, BLACK, WHITE, GREEN. After you found a place to mount it, start running wires to the appropriate places.

The RED wire goes to a 12v+ source when the ignition is in the RUN/ON position. The easiest place i found this source off of the STEREO harness. (im not 100% if this is the BEST place to wire it, but it is the EASIEST and i have had NO problems. (red wire on aftermarket stereos)

The BLACK wire is a GROUND. There are plenty of places to ground behind the dash. (or, you can use the ground in your stereo harness once again).

The WHITE wire goes to the Blue/white (color may be different) wire from the headlight switch. This provides 12v+ when the lights are on. This is for tach illumination.

The GREEN wire connects to the GREY wire coming off the tach adapter. You already routed this wire through the firewall.

Step Three:
Wiring the Seperate Shift Light (with built in RPM activation dial). There are 3 wires on the shift light. RED, BLACK, GREEN. Find a place to mount the shift light and route your wires accordingly.

the RED wire is the same as the tach...to a 12v+ source when the ignition is in the RUN/ON position (ie Radio harness or other acceptable source)

The BLACK wire goes to a GROUND, (Same as tach)

The GREEN wire, like the tach, goes to that GREY wire coming from the tach adapter.

Thats IT!! Everything should function properly! Put your dash back together and your good to go!!

Happy Shifting!!

Here is a SIMPLE diagram to give you a better Visual of the wire connections!

[ click to enlarge ]

Here is a picture showing you where the "Main Ignition Coil Harness" is located, as well as a good location for mounting the Tach Adapter.

[ click to enlarge ]

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