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Joined: May 11th 2005 | Car info: 2001 GT
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Sublimegt (Mike) had been chosen as the MOTM for his dedication to GS. He has the most referals than any other member on the site with 24. I have seen the boy in action at local meets. Mike fearlessly approaches strange stangs in a single bound like superman, and speading the word. He also participates in face offs, The Hunts and forum discussions. - tweety

1.) If you won 1 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do?
1st thing i would do... so many things, where to start? well i think the 1st thing would be to get my parents a new car or something they wanted, because i wouldnt be here without them.. then i would buy me and ashley a house... then go from there....
2.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
I guess it would have to be mustangs, anything and everything mustangs, ever since i was little. My dad would take me to car shows every year, just to see the mustangs there, now i grew up and got one for myself.
3.) What is your favorite food?
Italian is my Favorate ever.
4.) What kind of music do you like?
Alternative, as in, live, linkin park, and disturbed, along with others like trapt. It really depends on what mood i'm in...
5.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
Hmm, perfect day? Well, i wake up, found that i just won the lottery.. but other than dreaming, a perfect day would be spent with the love of my life, Ashley, doesn't matter what we do, as long as we are together, maybe movies, or car show, with chili's or olive garden.
6.) What is your favorite movie?
oh so many choices, i love dumb and dumber, but there are so many others i like too... i watch my fave movie so much i get tired of it, so it doesnt stay long.
7.) What magazines do you buy? (Car/Sports related?)
I am subsribed to, 5.0 mustangs, Muscle Mustangs and fast fords, Mustang Monthly, mustang enthuisiest, modified mustangs, etc.
8.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
Not really sure... can't really think of one.. hard to believe...
9.) What is your junk food weakness?
Anything Sour.. doesn't matter what.. i just like sour candy
10.) What was your first vehicle?
1998 V6 mustang, laser red
11.) When did you get your first Mustang?
when i was 17
12.) What do you love most about your Mustang?
That it is unique, no other stang around here looks like mine.
13.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
Just 2 so far... but im young... : )
14.) What is your favorite Mustang body style?
99-04 because it's mine, and it's awesome!
15.) What is your favorite color on a Mustang?
Black of course, but other than that, blue, red or mineral grey just because not everyone has it, come on, there is no "Mineral Grey Club" as in the black mustang club...
16.) If you could have any Mustang what would it be?
1969 Mach 1!!!! Or Eleanor...
17.) How long have you been a Mustang enthusiast?
since Oct. 9th 1984
18.) How did you find Gotstang?
Actually i haveno clue, i think it was when i was on cardomain, i saw it on a member there, and i went from there, but i'm not positive...
19.) What do you like most about GotStang?
It has so much stuff, forums, hunts, awesome people, and just all of the stuff, it's not boring like other places, (Cough)Cardomain(Cough)
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
Me as Number 1 Member... lol.. j/k, i would like to see more members coming this way.
Extra comments
Thanks for the Member of the month, it's like an awesome award... i would like to thanks everyone... from J for making the site, to just all of the others... who are in the wings of the site who we don't see all of the time... and crimson and mustang freak who do all of our sigs for us... Now everyone Go check out my site!!!

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