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87 5.0 Ragtop
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Joined: Jun 18th 2005 | Car info: White 1987 5.0 Ragtop
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Crimsonblack was chosen this month for one cause he is an awesome person. He is also one of the best sig makers on the site. He also does great posters of members stangs. He has been very helpful to members. He also patricipates in discussions and other activities on the site. IF you have not checked out his site and/or sig that he has made, WHAT are you waiting for, Congratz crimsonblack. - tweety

1.) What was your first vehicle?
It was a bronze 1976 Ford Gran Torino Sport with a 351 windsor, dual exhaust, glasspacks, and posi-traction rear end. That heavy car could really move. The stereo for the time was sweet. My parents could hear that damn car three blocks away at 2am coming down the street. What a pain in the ass that was.
2.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
Oh man, I have lots of hobbies but don't have time for much of it. Working on my website, scifi2k.com, the mustang and messing around with some graphics for GotStang.com always come first.
3.) What kind of music do you like?
Just about anything from easy Jazz to the heavy metal mayhem of AC/DC or Rush. Even country can soothe the ear once in a while. Just depends on what playin' at the time I race through the channels escaping the dreaded avertising or DJ crap. Will be nice when I get XM Radio.
4.) Who is your favorite musician?
Don't tell anyone, but it would have to be Elvis Presley. Just bought his two-disc christmas album. The dude could sing everything. I don't listen to the guy much anymore, but for me he is the King of Rock & Roll. The Beatles ain't didly.
5.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
This is really personal stuff. No one is going to read this right? I would have to say being at work and having a guy yank my pants down to my ankles. I had lost about fifty pounds but was still wearing the same work pants. Luckily I actually had underware on. Whew!
6.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
A perfect day is about 70 degrees, sunny with enough clouds to block the sun here and there; the top down; my lady in the passenger seat; soft rock hitting the speakers and the steady hum of that 5.0 eatin' up the pavement. It don't get any better than that.
7.) What is your junk food weakness?
Gotta be the slurpee. Here in Vegas it gets so damn hot and nothing is sweeter than a cherry or Mountain Dew slurpee. Wow. I could suck on one of those right now.
8.) What do you love most about the state you live in?
I love the excitement of Las Vegas. No matter what night you hit the strip it's rockin'. Free bands, people everywhere and it's seven days a week. If you like to cruise the strip is the place to be. On the strip you can't tell the days of the week apart.
9.) If you won 1 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do?
I would probably purchase myself a custom 2003 or 2004 Mach 1 yellow, blue or white convertible with a black top. Gotta be my favorite ford.
10.) What is your favorite movie?
Oh Shit! I love movies. Got a least 250 movies on VHS and DVD along with about thirty television series on DVD & VHS. Television rocks my world. What's my favorite movie though... Probably "Aliens: Special Edition". But so many others would be close. I love action adventure films. I've seen "Day After Tomorrow" at least 45 times already.
11.) What is the longest distance driven to a car show or club meet?
About 5 miles to downtown Las Vegas for the Bright Lights City Cruise at the Fremont Experience. It's awesome!
12.) What do you love most about Mustang clubs?
I don't know. I just joined my first last month, but they don't get together for Saturday cruises or fix-up parties. I hope to change that.
13.) When did you get your first Mustang?
That would be 1996. I bought a mint condition 1988 Mustang GT. Red & Silver with beige interior. 65000 miles for $4500. That car was sweeeeeet. Never should have sold the car after I moved to Vegas. My bad!
14.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
Just two. My white 87 Mustang Covertible is just my second Mustang. I hope to pick my wife up a nice V6 in the near future. Maybe a V8 if the price is right. It will be a SN95 late model body style. That's her favorite.
15.) What is your favorite Mustang body style?
I am partial to the fox body Mustangs, but the SN95 late models kinda grow on ya too. I want one of them now too.
16.) If you could have any Mustang what would it be?
Well, a 2003 or 2004 yellow, blue or white Mach 1 with a black convertible top. And that would be mostly stock.
17.) Have you ever run your Mustang on a race track (drag strip/road course)?
No. I have no interest in that stuff. I just like getting off the line at the light in quick fashion if I so choose. I enjoy the mustang as a cruising machine. That's why I bought the convertible this time. I want about 300 to 350 horsepower in the engine without the use of a blower. And... I love the hum of a 302 with with two-chamber flowmasters at 40/45 mph. The hum is oh so sweet.
18.) What was your first mod to your Mustang?
First mod... That would be laying down a new interior and going for the black on black look. Hard to cruise with the top down and a shitty looking interior.
19.) How did you find Gotstang?
I was reading an issue of 5.0 Mustang and there it was. Two weeks later I checked out the site, joined up and started setting up shop here to meet some nice mustang owners. It's a great site.
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
J has been great enough to add the "HOW TO" area which I think the site really needed. Sharing knowledge is what this site should be about, don't ya think? I don't care so much for all the site voting, but the hunts, tournatments and forums rock and roll.
Extra comments
I would like to say thanks to everyone that decided to make me "Member of the Month". It does mean a lot to me. I have enjoyed my time here. Enjoyed the folks I have met and the graphics I have been lucky enough to do for some of the folks here. I hope to stick around for a while. Thanks everyone.

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