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Joined: Jan 21st 2005 | Car info: White 1991 LX Turbo Coupe
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Wendy has been selected for the MOTM for Jan 06. She has been a big help here at GS. She participates in all activities. Her jokes and comments on the forums keep most of us laughing. She has also been a big help at keeping the forums in line and members in check. She is also a female that is not scared to run her stang on the track. Congratz and thanks for all you do Wendy. - tweety

1.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
Besides driving my Mustang... hmmm... it would have to be gaming. I like playing games like StarCraft, Unreal Tournament, Baldur's Gate, and just about any other mind numbing gaming experience out there. Like Mustangs, it is very addicting.
2.) What kind of music do you like?
You can just about name it and I will enjoy it. I particularly like electronica and ambient, but all music is good.
3.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I am afraid I wouldn't live anywhere else than where I live now. I haven't been around the world, but I've been to different regions of the states and I haven't found anywhere better than Florida. I like the warm climate and being surrounded by beaches.
4.) What do you love most about the state you live in?
The one thing that I love the most about Florida is that there is no snow. Where I live in west central Florida, we almost never get below freezing. Not having a real winter means I get to play with my Stang all year round!
5.) What is your junk food weakness?
Oh my... just one? Right now it would have to be oatmeal creme pies and IBC Black Cherry soda. Those things will be my ruin.
6.) What magazines do you buy? (Car/Sports related?)
Every month it is 5.0 Mustang Magazine Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. What else is there to read? Oh... are you counting the 30 or so catalogs I get every month too? lol I swear... you buy one damned thing and they fill your mailbox!
7.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
With so many embarrassing moments in my life to choose from, I would have to say that the most embarrassing moment was on my wedding day. I forgot to say I do. lol I couldn't figure out why everyone was looking at me funny... ;)
8.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
Every day I have with my husband and my two sons is a perfect day. I couldn't ask for more. OK... maybe I would ask for two Stangs instead of just one. lol
9.) If you won 1 million dollars what would be the first thing you would do?
I would pay my mother's ranch off so she could retire and spend time having fun with her horses and not just working to keep them. I know you didn't ask for a second thing, but if you did my answer would be to finish restoring my husband's 1964 Ford Fairlane wagon.
10.) What is your favorite movie?
The one movie I could watch over and over again is Christine and Jaws. Ooops! Was that two? Sorry.
11.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
My 91 is my second fox body. I used to have a 1986 LX. An ironic bit of history is that after I sold my 86 (4 months after I bought it) I swore I would never own another Mustang because of all the problems it gave me. Thank goodness my husband talked me into buying my 91.
12.) When did you get your first Mustang?
My daddy gave me a Mustang to drive when I was 12. It was a 1965. It was nowhere near a show car but it was the car I learned to drive in. But he sold it before I turned 16. I was 26 when I bought my 86. I was driving a 1979 Malibu (that I wish I still had) when the Mustang caught my eye.
13.) How long have you been a Mustang enthusiast?
Ever since I was 7 years old when my daddy taught me how to shift his 1968 Fastback. I used to go to bed every night reading all the Mustang magazines that my dad would get every month and I would look at all of the pictures and memorize all the little differences between the different years of Mustangs so I could tell my daddy the next day. I haven't done that in a very long time, but there used to be a time that I could ramble off at a moments notice the differences between every body style of Mustang from 1964 to 1977. hehehe Good times.
14.) What is your favorite Mustang body style?
I am obviously very partial to the foxes, but each body style has its own nuances that makes them attractive to me. The foxes always had my attention because they were short and stout.
15.) Have you ever run your Mustang on a race track (drag strip/road course)?
Hell yeah!! Drag strip only... I didn't equip her to do road courses (although that looks like a very cool experience). She scoots purdy good for being a daily driver. Her last trip to the track she ran a 7.8 at 89 with a 1.8 60 foot. I haven't taken her 1320 yet because I am not ready to replace my block or my tranny... lol Soon though.
16.) Did you name your Mustang, if so what is it?
She will always be My Bitch to me because she always does whatever pleases me and she never fails me. Isn't that what a good little bitch does?
17.) What is the rarest Mustang that you can think of?
I think each and every one of our Mustangs is the rarest Mustang on Earth. It's not just the Stang that makes the owner... it's also the owner that makes the Stang.
18.) How did you find Gotstang?
I found GotStang what seems like years ago while searching for Mustang technical resources on the Net. GS was different from any other Mustang site I had come across and it still is today.
19.) What do you like most about GotStang?
There is a little bit of something for everyone. If you want your own web page to show off your ride or anything else you are proud of, GS has it. If you want to be competitive against other Mustangs (face offs), GS has it. If you want to be interactive with your Mustang addiction (hunts), GS has it. If you just wanna chat (forums), GS has it. And there is so much more and it gets better all the time... I don't care what they say about you J... I love you mang... ;)
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
I want to see some how to's on interior and exterior care as well as making mods... even if it is just for the best way to install water and a sponge on my paint! lol don't have good writing skills? that's ok... send your info to me, i am a writer, i'll gussy your article up for ya!
Extra comments
I am still stunned that me and my little stang were chosen for this honor. I was totally not expecting it. Ya'll are a bunch of knuckleheads, but I love you for it. Thanks... a lot...

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