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4NoMore Girl
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Joined: May 30th 2005 | Car info: Electric Current Red 1993 5.0 Conversion
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Nicole was selected for MOTM for her outstanding dedication to GotStang?. She was one of the masterminds behind the Gotstang? Calendars. She has taken on the task of an engine swap in her stang. Lots of work ahead of her. She is one of the few females to come across that enjoys working on her stang. Thanks for what you have done here at GS. - tweety

1.) What was your first vehicle?
Offically a 88 Dodge Daytona 5 spd. At 15 yrs old I worked all summer to help pay for it. By the time I was 16 and actually had a license, I Moved to FL and ended up with my first "real" car, a 89 2.3 Mustang LX. Which I LOVED. I modified it right away with sound system, GT side skirts, 2 tone paint job, purple neons, and chrome wipers. My master plan was to fully convert to a GT body and swap the motor...which I'm finally doing with my 93.
2.) What kind of music do you like?
Rock and some R&B/Rap, there's a few hard core songs I like too.
3.) What is your favorite past time hobby?
Working on my stang!! and anything Mustang related. And going to the drag races.
4.) What is your favorite food?
I'm addicted to 2 lunch choices: A ham & cheeze veggie wrap with mayo and extra Hots...the mayo and hots mix to make it's own sauce...hmmmm ..and Italian Wedding Soup..omg it's sooo good.
5.) What is your favorite movie?
My childhood favorite is the Back to the Future Trilogy. Recent movies, one of my favorites is Butterfly Effect.
6.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
I Have a few, but blocked them out of memory.. ..but there was my first car show; my Mustang had finally gotten to a point last year to take it to a show for the first time. I was driving through on Elm Street before getting to my final parking sport, and just at the end of the strip my Stang started steaming from under the hood!! I parked and then saw the antifreeze all over the ground!!! ...talk about embarrassing...what "show car" leaves a trail of antifreeze behind it and a puddle underneath?
7.) What magazines do you buy? (Car/Sports related?)
Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Subscription and all the other Mustang mags I pick up time to time; Like Modified Mustang.
8.) What is your idea of a perfect day?
Perfect day would be a summer day! Sleeping in late, then gettin into my "5.0" stang with J and driven up to Dunkin Donuts for a French vanilla coffee for breakfast, then maybe we'd meeting up with my friend Lisa, and our other friends Joey and Charlie with their stangs for a cruise down the strip at Hampton beach. Representing Gotstang of course! And, stop to take some awesome pictures, grab a bite to eat maybe a quick drink. Head back at Sunset...then a relaxing night back at the house...
9.) What do you love most about the state you live in?
The feeling of "Home" I lived in Florida for a while, and I loved it there, but it never fealt like home to me. I missed NewEngland so much..I eventually moved back here. I learned that I couldn't leave this area without feeling like a vacation. My family is here too, it helps to have them close by.
10.) What is your junk food weakness?
CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES! I can eat them endlessly.
11.) What is the longest distance driven to a car show or club meet?
I guess I could count the 1100 miles to Chicago (2200 round trip) Just to meet "J" creator & "owner" of GS, lol. And take hunt pics on the way :)
12.) How long have you been a Mustang enthusiast?
Since I was 15 years old, 9 years.
13.) When did you get your first Mustang?
It was my first "real" car, when I was 16 and could offically drive I moved to Florida and my dad bought my 89 2.3 for me as an early graduation gift. (he had no worries about me graduating). When I moved back up here, I lost the Mustang...it wasn't good story; but the car got repo'd before I mailed the last payment...
14.) What is your favorite Mustang body style?
87-93 GT or Saleen
15.) Have you ever run your Mustang on a race track (drag strip/road course)?
..no no yet :) ....hehehe
16.) How many Mustangs have you owned?
3 total; 3rd time's a charm?? my '89 2.3 lx ..then to replace my 89 I bought a shit box 88 2.3 lx that was so rusted...I gave it away to my mom for basically nothing. ...and to replace my 89..AGAIN...5 years later; I found my 93 which I have today.
17.) Did you name your Mustang, if so what is it?
...I tried...she's not worthy of a name...maybe when the 5.0 swap is complete...
18.) What was your hardest mod to install?
The 5.0 swap WILL be..but it's too early to offically comment on it. To date, My aluminum ash try cover. First, we reverse engineered the plastic one at a machine shop I work at. After test fitting, several adjustments were nessasary. I had to glue 2 "legs" on while inside the console for each test fit...and break the hold after each evaulation. With each new test, the legs became harder and harder to glue into the right place... Until Finally it was perfect. until my rough suspension makes it fly open when going over bumps... so; I tried installing the spring like the stock plastic cover...and it was IMPOSSBILE!! so; I gave up on the spring and tried to glue back into place..and it wasn't as good as it was..and I gave up for now...with the legs not as good, now it'll stay close only if the car's parked....lol
19.) What do you like most about GotStang?
The most important thing for me is the orginal member webpages and ranking. I like to have a place to show off all the hard work I've put into my stang. The new editor makes this even more enjoyable to edit my pages :) My favorite "feature" is the hunt, for getting me to look ridiculous taking pictures in drive throughs and off the side of a busy street...sometimes looking stupid is just fun!
20.) What else would you like to see on GotStang?
Gotstang.com is nearly perfect now, J takes care of everything any of us members think of...and more. I guess what I'd like to see is not "on Gotstang.com", but I'd like to see Gotstang "meets" where GS members can meet up for our own car show with real trophies, and prizes...and most of all to meet each other and show off our stangs in person! Maybe two a year in two regions of the US...and maybe more locations as GS gets even bigger!
Extra comments
I'm glad to be a part of GS, It's changed my life for the better :)

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