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My 1987 T-Top GT

updated: Jun 6th 2007 @ 04:58 PM
Here is my new pony!!!! I know she is alittle rough around the edges right now, but just give me time.

I've been doing a little here and there as I have time and mainly money..LMAO

Next on the list to do....
new U joints, work on leaks and add tint to those windows!!!!

Here is a nose shot as it looked when I got it home. I've got to find some foglights and the cross brace for under the bumper.

[ click to enlarge ]

The engine before ANY cleaning...Not to pertty right now.

[ click to enlarge ]

Backseats look new and never used.

[ click to enlarge ]

A couple of interior shots. Yes the seat covers are gone now!!

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

First time I laid eyes on it.

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Here are a few with the "Bone Stocker" (90 GT) & the 87 together.

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

A few more from out on the taxiway.

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

Buddy in our design lab at work did this for me. It's done out of corrugated paper.(work I do for a living..LOL)

[ click to enlarge ]

Well I've been busy the past few days..
Oct 8th Tom & I did the U Joints, adjusted the clutch, Then I worked on realining the windows & T-tops to stop the leaks

Oct 9th I tinted the windows with 20% Lumar.

[ click to enlarge ]

Oct 10th work on the interior some. Fixed the broken Ashtray door, and found out the cig lighter works..LMAO

Oct 12th I added Polk Audio Speakers to the doors and rear seat area, along with removed and repainted the side mirriors

Oct 16th After a trip to Piegin Forge Tn for the BMC National she desided to start "marking her territory"..LMAO water pump cold water leak. So she has set for a week now.

Oct 18th, Finally pulled the air silncer out of the fender..LOL

Oct 19th, Played around with the idea of fabbing Hoods Struts out of the old hatch struts

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

Oct 21, Replaced the water pump.

Nov 28th. Replaced Heater Core..
Only took 4 hours statrt to finish!!

Dec 3rd added the new Pioneer head unit along with a KLW/Carver amp and Pioneer IMPP 12" sub.

Here is a pic of Both the 87 and the 90 after a bath.

Well, i've been away from GotStang for a good while. Sorry for that.
I guess I should update everyone on my 87 T-top. I've added a Goodmark 2" cowl hood, hood struts & strut tower brace.

Back in early Nov. I did a intake swap to a GT-40P Highly ported! Well shortly after that a main bearing let go.

I got a killer deal on a set of ARE 4 lug 17" rims and tires 245/40s up front and 275/40s out back, really gave it a whole new look!!! 

I'm now in the process of building a forged bottom end 306 with ported E7s, FMS 1.6 Rockers, Prof. Products Typhoon Intake with 70mm TB & EGR Spacer, custom COMP Cam, Mac equal length Shorties and 2 1/2 offroad H-pipe, Flowmasters and dumps. 
Here are a few process pics for ya.

Satin Finish CLEAR COATED...

The short block

Just about ready to drop in..


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Hey folks, I was wondering if someone out there with an 88-93 Fox convertible could do me a favor.  I am looking for a picture of the of the ‘A’ pillar post window weather strip showing the weather strip and inside trim molding (the molding on the inside of the pillar post) and another detail picture of where the pillar post molding meets the door seal molding.  I am redoing this and need an example – my car was repaired long before I purchased it and they kind of did a ‘custom’ job on this area.  I want it to be right this time.















Well I dont have a vert Tim, but I think I know what your talking about. If noone can help you out that has one, let me know. I think I know where I can go to get a pic for you.

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