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White 94 Cobra

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This is my 1994 Cobra



This is my 1994 Cobra. This is the 6th mustang I've owned. Now the Cobra is by far the best one. When I bought it, Mustang Cobras were few and far between. Now, every other - non rice driving teen has one. FOR THE RECORD, and those judging my car. please note, I made a decision to keep the car looking stock, yet with some slight mods i.e. a 98 COBRA hood, lights, bumper and other parts. I bought a mustang for its look and dont see the need to add huge ass un-necessary hoods and lots of bling bling. If you notice ALL my body mods keep true to ONLY cobra stock looking parts. This was done by choice for the fact I wanted to combine the looks from all the SN95 Cobra's I felt would compliment compatible looks. For those who find the need to add bling and after market parts, great idea, and go for it. Some look awesome when done well, but, IMO its far from unique.    Opinions - we all got em i guess.

Red and chrome, I think it looks great!

* 98 Cobra hood, tailights and Cobra bumper.
* Cross drilled vented disc brakes.
* Ceramic brake pads
* Eibach Cobra R lowering springs.
* MSD Ignition
* Jet performance ECU chip
* 180 thermo
* Ford MotorSport plugs and wires.
* KYB shocks and struts.
* MAC CAT back exhaust.
* MAC cold air induction.
* 35% window tint.
* 2004 18" Chrome Cobra Rims.
* Yokohama 265/35zr18
----- minor changes ----
* Gas Piston hood props
* SVT Cobra trunk lid emblem
* Fog light independant control.
* hood vent lights
* dozens of other electrical rewire or additions. (its the electricain in me)
* XM Satellite radio (O&A-XM202-spread the virus)
* Radio volume control rewire on steering Wheel using cruise control buttons maintaining full functional cruise.
here's a pic of the cruise control volume rewire.

MCCNE spring 2005 Mustangs Unlimited carshow


Just a few Mods (if u call em that) under the hood.

Some Basic changes for the undercarriage. Sh*tty MAC cat back, KYB shocks, Eibach springs and new swaybar. 

 Some Interior shots - notice the STOCK look. This again is on purpose with exception of the pedals. I also added a convertible rear view mirror with integrated map reading lights and separate dome light (ooooh exciting). in the past I changed the interior on my other cars. i.e digital dash, new radio with far too many amps, new seats and (before airbags) racing steering wheels. When the 94 Cobra came out in the new SN95, I loved the simple upgraded look from a GT. So I again choose to not change the basic look. right down to the stock radio.  OH AND NOW!!! trunk pics!!!!


    93RamVert and Me  
The Three pics below were me just messin around with some extra marker lights. I liked it so much I kept it.


My ZZR600



pic taken at the MCCNE car show at Mustangs Unlimited in CT, summer 04


MCCNE (Mustang Club of New England) fall round up in Sherwsbury MA


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Oct 14th, 2008 @ 10:40 PM

Replying to:

been a while since ive been on the site... you've been busy.. nice engine swap pics

Thanks man, welcome back!

Sep 6th, 2008 @ 10:35 PM


Verry Sexy Cobra. Like your choice in keeping it as original  as possible, thats a hard task to do and i face the same challange w/ my GT.

Aug 19th, 2008 @ 1:46 PM

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hey out there i just wanted to know if anyone ever had someplace do mounting and balanceing and a weights on my rear tire flew off , that just happened to me and i wanted to know if i can still drive this car intil i take it back monday? its a weekend i hate to have to sit in the house.

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do you have wheel spacer lot of time wheel spacer do thin bounce you don't want or sometime you hit ah huge hole in the road that damage the wheel look for that too

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