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Engine bay

Engine bay - side view 
Fox Lake Racing 4.6L SOHC Romeo block
Cobra billet steel crankshaft
Forged H-beam connecting rods
Forged 17cc dished 8.5:1 compression pistons
Fox Lake stage 2 CNC-ported 2V cylinder heads
VT Engines stage 2 turbo camshafts
Crower titanium valve springs/retainers
Ferrea oversized valves with bronze guides
Fox Lake Racing P-51 intake manifold
Accufab polished 75mm throttle body
C&L 80mm mass air flow meter
3" Turbo-to-intercooler piping - powdercoated black
3" Intercooler-to-MAF piping - powdercoated black
3" MAF-to-throttle body piping - powdercoated black
K&N air filter
K&N oil breather
Moroso oil filter relocation kit
UPR billet oil cap cover
UPR billet power steering cap cover
UPR billet brake fluid cap cover
UPR billet radiator cap cover
UPR billet windshield washer cap cover
UPR stainless steel radiator cover

Turbo Kit/Exhaust:
Turbo Driven Concepts Stage 2X "Outlaw" turbo kit
Turbonetics T-66 P-trim turbocharger
Spearco 3-core intercooler
TDC 1 5/8" tubular race headers - jet coated
2" cross-under pipe - jet coated
Tial 40mm external wastegate
3" down pipe - jet coated
3" straight pipe - jet coated
3" Y-pipe - jet coated
MAC 3" Flowpath catback
Dynomax 3" Race Bullet mufflers
MIL eliminators
Manual boost controller
Motor mount spacers


Fox Lake 4.6L 2V longblock

Level10 AOD-E Transmission

Turbo kit and D&D tubular front suspension

turbo kit

Turbo exhaust and D&D tubular front suspension


P-51 installed

T-66 turbo


Fuel/Ignition System:
ACCEL Generation VII DFI stand-alone fuel management system
SCT chip (controls only the AOD-E transmission)
Aeromotive Renegade Fuel System - converted to return-style setup
Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pump
Aeromotive fuel filter
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Steel braided fuel lines w/anodized fittings from tank to rails and back to the pump
CPR high-flow fuel rails
Siemens Deka 55# fuel injectors
MSD DIS-4 Ignition system
NGK TR6 spark plugs

Aeromotive Fuel System

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and steel-braided lines
Level10 PTS Stage 2 race-prepped AOD-E transmission
Level10 2800RPM Stall Converter
Performance Automatic 8-bolt flexplate for Cobra crankshaft
Auburn Pro 31-spline differential
MAC differential support cover
Moser 31-spline forged racing axles
MAC Axle Cover and Aeromotive Fuel Pump/Filter 
MAC differential support cover
D&D Motorsports tubular K-member
D&D Motorsports tubular A-arms
D&D Motorsports front coilover springs
Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix Braces (welded in)
Steeda solid aluminum lower control arms
Steeda heavy duty double-adjustable upper control arms
Welded torque boxes and removed quadshocks
Bullitt 13" drilled and slotted rotors (front)
Bullitt 2-piston red calipers (front)
Custom made steel braided brake lines (front)
American Muscle's 1" bolt-in wheel spacer (track only)
Powerslot slotted brake rotors (rear)
black powdercoated calipers (rear)
Bullitt Brakes 
Bullitt brakes, 1" wheel spacers, and D&D Coilovers 
D&D A-arms and coilovers 
D&D tubular A-arms and coilovers
Kenny Brown extreme matrix braces 
Kenny Brown extreme matrix braces
Steeda HD adjustable upper control arms 
Steeda heavy duty adjustable upper control arms 
Steeda solid aluminum lower control arms 
 Steeda solid aluminum lower control arms  

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Last 3 User Comments
May 3rd, 2008 @ 9:33 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out 03 GT when you get a chance.

Aug 23rd, 2007 @ 9:40 PM


ranked ya high!

thats a damn nice 2v right there. looks beefed as hell

i have the p-51 also but my stang isnt running the type of blower you are. thats awesome

May 2nd, 2007 @ 8:15 AM


Really great car. ranked ya, easy 10

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