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Exterior Shots & Info

updated: Apr 22nd 2005 @ 05:23 PM
EVIL INSIDE - 1991 Red SC 5 Speed (1 of 1,905) - MAC Midwest Cold Air Kit w/ MAC Cone Filter, Hyper White bulbs up front (4),Cervini's Fiberglass Mach Style Hood w/Ford Racing Pins, Clear Corner Housings, Air Silencer Delete, cats removed, Rear Bumper Lettering (black), 5% SVO Blower Pulley (waiting to be installed), Cooper Cobra GTZ shoes.

Coming Soon: Intercooler Fan, ARP Head Studs, Ported Heads, 3/4" Raised Blower Top, Solid Rubber Motor Mounts, Magnecor Competiton Wires.

There are no interior mods, but 4 Pioneer Ford/Nissan/Mazda 3 way speakers installed soon. I already have a Kenwood Head unit. I don't use the stereo all that much, it's very difficult to hear music over the noise the car itself makes.


MAC Cold Air Kit w/ MAC 9 Inch Cone Filter
Solid Rubber Motor Mounts
Spy Co. Ported Blower
Spy Co. Ported Plenums
Spy Co. Ported Exhaust Manifolds
Spy Co. Rebuilt Blower
Custom Ported/Polished Intake Manifold
Magnecor Wires
5% Blower Overdrive Pulley
ARP Head Studs

All of the Above Pending....Searching for engine/head options.
Yellow Stickers coming soon!


3.27 Ford Racing Gearing


Coming soon!

Cervini's Mach Style Hood w/ Functional Ford Racing Pins
Bob White Decals Rear Bumper Lettering (black)
Supercharged Badging from XR7
Thunderbird SC Windshield Banner (red)
Custom AC/DC Shift Knob
Evil Inside Logo
Black/Grey Rear Speaker Grilles


Pioneer 3 Way Ford/Mazda/Nissan Speakers
Kenwood Head Unit

Future Plans:
Hoosier Slicks
B&M Ripper Shifter
Upgraded Throttle Body
Upgraded MAFS
Custom Exhaust
190 LPH Fuel Pump
1.73 Ratio Roller Rockers
Raised Blower Top
Double Intercooler Cores
Upgraded Disc Brakes
38# Injectors
Custom Cam
Many Suspension Upgrades
Line Lock system
We're looking to get into the twelves...

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Taken at Ford Power Fest at Moroso Motorsports Park, Palm Beach Lakes,FL (10/26/03)

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Taken at the Mustang and Ford Roundup at Silver Springs, Fl (1/10/04)

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Front view.

[ click to enlarge ]

Rear View.

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Closer view of rear.

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It's a Ford!

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Close up of Mach Style Hood from Cervini's. Pins seen in picture are fully functional. No Rice Here!

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Supercharged Molding from an XR7.

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EVIL INSIDE! ( on fuel tank ) Has a double meaning...want to find out what they are?

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Wheel. Only available on the SC, years 89-92.

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My Thunderbird tattoo.

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Not my car, just me driving. Prelims at Fun Ford Weekend in Orlando Fl.

Certain pictures courtesy of the SCCoFL.

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Note: Face-off's with me are rather pointless, as in, I don't own a mustang and I always lose.

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