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Roush Stage 3

updated: Nov 10th 2008 @ 11:03 PM
A little story about the car:
Having been a Mustang owner for many years and now a big Roush fan.... I had modded my 2000 Silver Mustang GT Convertible to look like a Roush.... but it wasnít the real one. It was my favorite thing... next to my daughter (4 now) and when I would go play with my car she would grab her spray bottle and rag and help me clean it. Well.... I sold my Mustang to rearrange some stuff preparing me to go to Iraq and got my wife a Mazda 6 (not a bad car but no Mustang).

In April I left for Iraq.... where the guys on Fnsweet.com kept up my love of the car till the only thing my wife would hear in emails and on the phone was... "I need to get another Mustang".

My wife is great... she knew I had been trying to get a 2001 Yellow Roush Stage 3 from Roush32go (Fnsweet screen name) for a while but one thing after another kept it from happening. Well... in June I start talking to Roush32go and I think we have the car sold to me.... but being in Iraq sometimes itís just hard to get things done. Making arrangements to buy a car from overseas is next to impossible so I asked my wife to help. She calls me a few days later and tells me that financing is all jacked up, something with the car being used and the price of the car don't match.... can't get financed... blah, blah , blah! I am crushed.

I come home for leave in the first of August and my wife picks me up from the airport.... hugs and kisses and tears... it was great.... just damn nice to be home. Lots of small talk on the way home but nothing big... again just nice to be home and we had an hour or two to drive to get to the house. I pull into the neighborhood and everyone is out there to welcome me back.... the great feeling just got better. I pull into the driveway and park... get out and hug everyone (yes... everyone). My wife hits the button for the garage door and........

Pow! I see it.... the car I had been trying so had to get... there in my garage. Everyone started to clap... it was one of those made for TV moments. She had kept it all secret... had the neighbor drive with her to drive it back for her from Virginia.... hell even Roush32go was in one it... and hadn't returned any of my emails. I was totally surprised.... my great trip home from Iraq had just taken a dramatic rocket ride from great... to.... well there are not words to describe how happy a car can make you in this situation.
Just after getting new shoes!!!


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Last 3 User Comments
Nov 11th, 2008 @ 7:49 PM


Thanks for registering pictures for the gotstang calendar. 

If you happen to have other shots minus the model it would be preferred, we have a few members that put the calendar up at work and it makes the calendar less universal.  

We may soon have posters for tournement prizes, a model shot will work since those who specifically would like a model poster can enter the tournement.  I definately plan to look into that for the future.


Aug 14th, 2008 @ 7:44 AM

Replying to:

september 6th there will be a mustang car show put together by the mustang club of maryland and hosted by bob davidson ford lincoln mercury on jappa road, come check it out.

I'm not only going to be there, but I'm going to be one of the ones making it happen (I'm the event coordinator for MCOM).  Thanks for getting the word out!  See you there!

Aug 13th, 2008 @ 8:26 PM


september 6th there will be a mustang car show put together by the mustang club of maryland and hosted by bob davidson ford lincoln mercury on jappa road, come check it out.

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