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Engine, Undercarriage & Exhaust

updated: Jun 8th 2009 @ 10:38 PM

my motor setup has been through a few changes. hehehe


stock 302 - this is the motor the day i brought the car home. pretty much stock except for the cold air intake.
vortech supercharger - this setup was with a vortech blower pushing 16 psi, afm boost pipe, holley systemax intake, and miscellaneous other goodies.
turbonetics turbo with EFI - this setup was with the stock 302 and a 62mm turbonetics turbocharger. she was still fuel injected with all the ignition parts up where the battery used to be.
turbonetics turbo with carb - this setup was still with a 62mm turbonetics turbocharger. i removed the fuel injection and put a carb on her and relocated the ignition parts as well as hid all the wiring.
new motor and 70mm turbo - with this setup she has a 363 cubic inch dart block and a 70mm master power turbo. we custom ordered the dart shortblock and we fabricated the turbo kit ourselves. we also welded up all the holes in the engine bay panels and repainted the compartment.
new turbo kit with 80mm turbo - this is her current (and final?) setup. the 70mm turbo was simply too small for the bigger cubes so we had to upgrade. we ended up with a Borg Warner S480 80mm turbo. it was so much bigger that we had to refab parts of my headers and crossover pipes and fab a new down pipe. we also relocated the blow off valve to the driver side as well as giving the BOV its own exhaust pipe to vent into the atmosphere.
carburetor - i went with CSU for the carb and EV for the carb hat. the carburetor is a holley 4150 hp body (750 cfm).


i am running a custom fabricated 3.5 inch exhaust. this is the exhaust coming down from the turbo down pipe.
the length of the 3.5" pipe. the pipe extends to just before the rear axle and then dumps.
the Dynatech split-flow muffler and the dump. the muffler is a straight-thru muffler.

Engine Goodies

the Dart block
the Weiand carb intake, TFS track heat heads with the TFS 1.6 roller rockers and TFS chromemoly pushrods. the heads have a 61cc combustion chamber and a 170cc/66cc intake/exhaust runners with 2.02/1.6 intake/exhaust valves. also in this pic is the Romac balancer, the Milodon 7 qt oil pan, and my backwards BBK headers.
fabricated aluminum valve covers
CSU custom 4150 hp body carb (750 cfm) with 1" phenolic spacer
fuel pressure gauge, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, and MSD Blaster 3 coil
this is the inside of the driver's side fender. here is the relocated overflow tank for the radiator, the air-to-liquid intercooler, the relocated oil filter, and the filtered air intake for the turbo.
Powermaster chrome alternator
chrome water neck

The Big Gun

the 80mm Borg Warner turbo with silver thermocoated exhaust housing
Tial 60mm wastegate and the Tial 50mm blow off valve
Hillman manual boost controller mounted just under the alternator


General Motors Powerglide 2 speed transmission with deep finned tranny pan
jegs driveshaft safety loop, Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft, and subframe connectors
Granatelli rear end girdle
Custom rear end bracing (i bent my axle tubes!! lol)

Suspension & Wheels

Lakewood 50/50 rear drag shocks
Maximum Motorsports adjustable rear lower control arms and Moroso trick rear springs
Steeda adjustable rear upper control arms
Lakewood 90/10 front drag struts, MMR front coil overs, and Steeda bump steer
MMR front tubular a-arms
Flaming River manual steering rack and QA1 tubular k-member
Steeda caster/camber plates
Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels (15x3.5 front, 15x8 rear with Mickey Thompson 275/50r15s

Other Pix

sumped gas tank, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, and fuel filter
Glenn's Performance sumped gas tank
uhm... well... nothing really here, i guess. lol

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Jun 20th, 2010 @ 10:07 AM

“” I love the classic, I ranked you. I painted my 67 and pics are up. Come by and check them out

Oct 30th, 2009 @ 11:40 PM


The ORIGINAL Bullitt!!!! How much?? IT's PERFECT!!!!!!!

Oct 30th, 2009 @ 11:34 PM


Great googly moogly!!!! what a STANG!! NICE!!!! Thank you very kindly for sharing!!! Much  obliged!!!

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