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Pics: Mods & Certificates

updated: Sep 9th 2007 @ 12:10 AM

Fuel Door Modification:

The UPR fuel door had the outer ring powder coated but I wanted to be polished to match the chrome wheels. So with sand paper, I started the job of removing the coating. It took me 8 hours of sanding from coarse to very fine sandpaper and ending with aluminum Mother polisher. I'm very happy of the end result. Two months after, I heard that UPR had started to make it polished since the demand was high. Damn! all that work and many blisters.

Click here for link to UPR fuel door page in new window (Part Number: # 1020-P-SNK)

Here's a picture "before/after" and another once on the car:

Removal of Inside Paint on Wheels:

Last fall, I decided to bring the rims in the basement to do a very good wash job to the inside of them. it was stained with oil/grease/tar/brakedust. During the cleaning, I noticed a scratch on the greyish paint surface on the inside of the wheel. In the scratch, I could see that the surface was shiny/chrome. I rub more and more with Mother Aluminum polisher and the scratch became a shiny spot as large as a dime. After a search on internet, I found a procedure using paint remover to remove all that ugly and rough surface. It took me about half an hour per wheel. After 3 coats of Zaino, nothing will adhere to them and you can see through the spokes the chromy surface.

Click here for link to SVTPerformance forum describing the procedure

Here a couple of picture while I was working on them. You can see the change between the grey paint and the chrome surface.

Cobra Grill Emblem:

I replace the standard Pony emblem by the UPR Cobra:
Click here for link to UPR Emblem page in new window

SVT Certificates:

My SVT certificates, one for the Cobra itself and one for the Mystichrome paint package. For privacy purpose, I removed part of the serial number and I've added NOT ORIGINAL COPY.


My invoice posted in the car window, the day it was received at my dealer. Do not panic, the price is in Canadian $ and you need to multiply by 0.75 to convert into US $. I also had it reduced by $800 during the bargaining. Sorry for partial french but it was delivered in Quebec.

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Here a couple of picture while I was working on them. You can see the change between the grey paint and the chrome surface.

Here's a picture "before/after" and another once on the car:

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