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Engine pics and Mods...

updated: Nov 22nd 2005 @ 12:55 PM

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Here's what a 347 looks like in a new edge car. Kinda looks like any other engine,like it belongs there. Someday (when time and cash allow) I'll get around to dressing things up a bit.

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This is a shot of the lower bolted onto the heads. Showcasing my porting, the ports line up nicely when everything is torqued down. Even so, there isn't enough cross section to feed a 6500rpm 347.

The laundry list:
347 rotating assy w/Canton main support and windage tray.
Edelbrock heads with Comp beehive springs
Extrude honed Cobra upper with ported lower

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TFS Stage 2 cam
1.7 rollers
BBK 75mm TB
Pro-M 87mm MAF
Aluminum Flywheel
SFI balancer
Long tubes
Off road X and Bassani catback
QA-1 K-member
D&D control arms/coilovers
MM camber/caster plates
Aluminum driveshaft
Oops, getting too far from engine related mods...

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Some of my home port and polish work on my Cobra intake.

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Top view of the Cobra lower, little porting, lots of polishing.

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